Promise Technology Debuts Private Cloud Storage Platform

FileCruiser can be implemented on various hardware platforms, including on a 3U-16 bay Intel x86 server-storage appliance.

Promise Technology and data storage

Hardware and software storage architecture specialist Promise Technology announced the launch of FileCruiser, an all-in-one cloud storage platform and private Enterprise File Synchronization and Sharing (EFSS) solution for small to medium-size businesses (SMBs) and enterprises.

FileCruiser syncs files across all of a user's devices--with an app for both Apple iOS and Google Android operating systems—and allows for anytime, anywhere data access and offers FTP replacement for file sharing, team collaboration tools and email attachment integration.

The solution is deployed on-premise, which means all hardware and data is located in the users' physical location, and users can manage the entire system, including hardware and software configuration.

In addition, the platform supports thousands of accounts and gives IT administrators control by allowing them to set limits on the size and types of files users can upload and sync.

"There are several benefits cloud-based storage brings to SMBs, including easy data access and syncing for mobile devices, and scale out by demand," Arthur Chang, product manager for Promise, told eWeek. "SMBs can purchase a small number of licenses or storage space in the beginning and scale out according to demand and budget."

FileCruiser can be implemented on various hardware platforms, including on a 3U-16 bay Intel x86 server-storage appliance, and if performance demands it, FileCruiser can be implemented on multiple Intel x86 1U servers connected to Promise storage.

The platform also provides the redundancy to protect both servers and storage, while security features include remote wipe, data encryption in transfer and storage, 2-factor authentication, secure sharing and collaboration, and reporting and auditing tracking.

Other features include team collaboration with access controls, role-base access permission controls, the ability to share a link with password protection and expiry date, and version control and recovery.

"Avoiding information leaks and making sure critical data is always available are important security concerns for businesses. Finding a balance between sharing data and avoiding information leaks is key," Chang said. "IT technology must guarantee that company data can always be accessed - even after a disaster. This is why data protection technology, such as backup, is always a hot topic in IT technology."

FileCruiser is currently available through the company’s global network of distributors and value added resellers (VARs) and comes in multiple models.

The company will launch its first scale-out cloud storage appliance for Virtual storage area network (SAN), the Promise H1970, this fall, which consists of 70 hard disk bays with two independent server nodes designed to provide high availability, high storage capacity and high networking throughput.

"Users today are aware of the benefits derived from cloud-based storage versus legacy storage. The key lies in how applications and software support a cloud-based storage protocol," Chang added. "As applications and software change to support cloud-based storage, its market share will grow very quickly – that’s how I see cloud-based storage evolving over the upcoming years."