Pulse Secure Acquires BYOD Specialist MobileSpaces

The acquisition represents Pulse Secure's first major investment in the broader mobility market following its inception as an independent company.

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Access and mobile security solutions provider Pulse Secure announced that it has acquired MobileSpaces, a provider of mobile security for application-centric businesses.

The acquisition represents Pulse Secure's first major investment in the broader mobility market following its inception as an independent company.

The MobileSpaces bring-your-own-device (BYOD) solution helps complete Pulse Secure's solutions to provide seamless, secure access from anywhere and any device.

The addition of MobileSpaces' technology to its portfolio reflects Pulse Secure's intention to invest in customer experience and innovation, and its strategy to create a unified user experience for remote and on-campus mobility that spans PCs and mobile devices with central policy and administration.

"Security is the No. 1 issue for IT organizations, but it's also the No. 1 reason many BYOD programs fail if not done right," Andy Monshaw, CEO of Pulse Secure, told eWEEK. "So, if we're going to live in a world where employees want to use their own personal devices for work, it's extremely important to get the necessary security policies enacted in a simple, easy-to-use and robust way for both the end user and IT admin."

Downloaded to a smartphone or tablet as an app, MobileSpaces creates a virtual partition that separates enterprise and employee data while also providing a secure BYOD workspace for native or enterprise apps on any Android or iOS device.

The workspace protects corporate information against data leakage and loss by encrypting all data at rest, controlling data sharing between enterprise apps and connecting directly to the enterprise virtual private network (VPN).

"Many times, enterprises focus on the device exclusively, as opposed to also considering data in motion, like secure access to data. Additionally, they fail to consider the compliance aspects, as in who is accessing what with which device," Monshaw said. "Lastly, we've seen many enterprises try to protect apps with container solutions that alter the user experience and require the use of SDKs or app wrapping to secure business applications. We're creating a secure environment on devices that ensures a native user experience for both work and life. For the enterprise, this is an important part of creating a work environment that is conducive to talent retention."

MobileSpaces also allows IT administrators to select any mobile app for workspace use and assign it through policy without app modification.

"MobileSpaces pioneered a unique virtualization technology that allows enterprises to create a seamless and secure BYOD strategy for the end user, meaning enterprises can connect the native business apps they need seamlessly to campus, data center and cloud applications and services," Monshaw explained. "As more enterprises leverage the cloud and look to enable mobile workforces, we at Pulse Secure feel it's important for us to create an expert team that delivers really easy and effective ways for companies to harness BYOD and the cloud. MobileSpaces gives us that expertise."

MobileSpaces joins the Pulse Secure team with 20 employees, based in Silver Spring, Md., and Tel Aviv, Israel.

Siris Capital recently announced that it has completed its acquisition of the Junos Pulse business from Juniper Networks, a provider of network innovation, and incorporated that business under the name Pulse Secure. Siris Capital will continue to operate Pulse Secure as an independent company with the mission to empower business productivity through secure and seamless mobility.

Pulse Secure and Juniper Networks are also implementing a comprehensive transition plan designed to provide sales support and customer service for all Pulse customers.