Quantum Offers Dxi4500 Deduplication Appliances

UPDATED: Aimed at cost-conscious businesses, Quantum's Dxi4500 deduplication appliances offer RAID 6 protection with up to 400GB per hour data ingest performance, and both models support encrypted and compressed replication streams.

Quantum, a specialist in backup, recovery and archive, announced availability of its DXi4500 disk backup appliances. The turnkey DXi4510 and DXi4520 work with backup software packages to provide non-disruptive deduplication.
The company said the appliances are aimed at helping SMBs (small to medium-size businesses) and remote offices address their backup needs. They come bundled with all DXi software licenses needed to support backup -- including in VMware environments -- deduplication, and replication.
Pricing starts at $12,500 for the DXi4510; the DXi4520 goes for $22,500.

Quantum offers two DXi4500 models for a choice of capacity points. The DXi4510 provides 2TB of usable capacity, while the DXi4520 provides 4TB. Both models offer RAID 6 protection with up to 400GB per hour data ingest performance and support encrypted and compressed replication streams.
Both enable remote office tape replacement while leveraging high deduplication ratios to decrease bandwidth requirements for replication to a central data center for management and disaster recovery, providing edge-to-core data protection.

"Handling deduplication using an appliance like the DXi4500 is far simpler and more cost-effective than a software-only approach," said Janae Lee, senior vice president of disk and software products group for Quantum. "The high deduplication ratios of the DXi4500 make offsite disaster recovery affordable for SMBs. The DXi4500 also enables remote offices to perform disaster recovery through large central data centers."

Shawn O'Grady, executive vice president of strategy and operations for Datalink, said he thinks the appliances should be a good fit for customers that have been looking for a standalone deduplication solution, or considering how to manage replication to support remote office locations for disaster recovery.
"With the DXi4500 appliances, Quantum has created a bundled, competitively priced approach that greatly simplifies the adoption of deduplication," he said.
The DXi4500 appliances leverage the same software as Quantum's DXi6500 midrange and DXi7500 enterprise systems. The DXi-Series protects a range of customer needs, scaling from less than 2TB to more than 200TB of usable capacity.
Quantum claimed DXi-Series customers typically cut backup time by more than 50 percent, decrease backup management time by nearly 70 percent, and reduce expenses associated with purchasing, managing and storing removable media by nearly 50 percent.
Lauren Whitehouse, a senior analyst at Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG), noted ESG research found that the top four considerations for data deduplication include cost, ease of implementation and use, performance, and integration with existing backup processes. "The DXi4500 appliances convincingly address each of these areas," she said.
Editor's note: This story was updated to correct the pricing.