Qvidian Announces Summer 2015 Release of Sales Platform

The update includes navigation and workspace improvements plus an enhanced user experience and enhanced email capability to send content directly from Playbooks.

qvidian and sales

Qvidian announced a new release of its sales execution software which boasts new features to further unify its content automation and digital sales playbooks offerings.

Product updates include personal views with saved searches and previous search history and the ability to drag and drop content and folders to easily import and export content.

Additional editing enhancements include the ability to edit Word documents inside the Content Library, and to quick edit.

"We live in the age of the mega-informed buyer, which means buyers are coming to the table more prepared and having done more research before ever speaking with a sales person. As a result, their expectations have fundamentally shifted," Christopher Faust, chief marketing officer at Qvidian, told eWEEK. "In order to be successful, sales teams need to better adapt and treat every sale differently, and tailor their approach based on a specific customer’s needs and wants. It sounds obvious, but in many organizations it just doesn’t happen with sellers."

Faust said by automating both strategic and tactical processes in the selling process, guiding sales teams on what to do and say, and providing prospects in context to each deal, sales teams are far better equipped to align and personalize their conversations with buyers.

The update also includes navigation and workspace improvements for enhanced user experience and enhanced email capability to send content directly from Playbooks.

"When designing a platform like this, it’s all about the end user and their experience. It’s about saving people time," Faust said. "It must be intuitive, with little to no ramp up, while delivering the depth of capability at the same time. Qvidian invested a great deal in user research, both qualitative and quantitative, and with lots of end user focus testing."

He explained the goal was to provide users with seamless workflows and faster content access, assembly, and delivery, whether they are on their laptops or on the go with their mobile devices.

Content Analytics allows insights into content effectiveness with Salesforce.com integration as well as dashboard enhancements. The platform also offers integration with the Salesforce mobile app on iOS or Android smartphones or tablets for accessing Digital Sales Playbooks.

"Mobile is not a nice to have any more, it’s simply a part of business today and an inevitability when it comes to sales and marketing. You cannot equip sales teams to be tethered to their desks, and collaboration in real time is also key," Faust said. "We find that 75 percent of organizations are using iPads in the sales force, and that companies who support a mobile sales force see a 20 percent increase in quota attainment."

He explained mobile technology enables sales teams to better prepare for customer meetings in the field with the most up-to-date, consistent messaging and selling assets on hand.

"The ability for sales reps to access guidance, coaching, and content quickly and easily from their tablet or other mobile device, regardless of location, helps them build value-based conversations and more engaging customer meetings," he said.