Qvidian Debuts Enhancements for RFP Collaboration Platform

Updates include expanded RFP collaboration, which enables project owners to select team members and assign tasks for the assembly of sales documents.

qvidian and rfp

Qvidian announced the summer 2016 release of its cloud-based sales content solution, designed to help companies improve their requests for proposal (RFP) and content management efforts.

The latest updates include expanded RFP collaboration, which enables project owners to select team members and assign tasks for the assembly of sales documents. Also, contributors now can comment directly within the RFP workspace and workflow.

Among the content management enhancements, Qvidian library provides access to all of an enterprise’s content, with content management functionality directly within the library including access to previous revisions and the ability to send content and assets to businesses.

"Businesses should consider the cloud for their content management and collaboration efforts because it offers a single source of truth—or in other words, one location to access the most updated and compliant content," Christopher Faust, chief marketing officers for Qvidian, told eWEEK. "By centralizing where sales and marketing content is stored, enterprises are able to ensure that all offices and remote workers are leveraging the same approved content that is in compliance."

Faust noted that, in doing so, they are able to ensure client-centric messaging is compelling and well-thought-out, thus presenting themselves as a professional organization that is truly aligned, rather than working in disjointed silos.

"In a nutshell, our goal is to streamline processes and increase efficiencies so ease of use is critical for proposal and sales content technology. Because the end user is operating the software on a regular basis, a platform that is intuitive and simple is necessary to ensure adoption," Faust said. "Specifically in the RFP space, enabling occasional contributors to easily access the platform to provide updates helps to streamline efforts and ensure deadlines are met in a timely manner."

In addition to innovations in proposal and sales content management, Qvidian also recently updated its Sales Playbooks software, which is integrated with the proposal and sales content automation solution.

New advancements include enabling Apple Mac users to more easily navigate the system and the ability for administrators to export playbook templates to help maintain content governance.

"Data analytics is critical across most industries. It offers the opportunity to review what efforts are successful and which ones need improvement, or can be eliminated," Faust said. "In a proposal and sales content solution, data analytics helps to define what content is most effective and what is helping to convert sales to revenue. We anticipate that analytics will continue to play a major role in the way that sales teams are managed and confident that our latest solution provides the type of insights sales, content managers, RFP and bid teams need in order to continuously improve their content."