Radvision Offers HD Video Conferencing Solution

The Scopia XT1000 series HD video conferencing solutions offer midmarket companies high-definition virtual meetings.

Radvision, a technology and end-to-end solution provider for unified visual communications including video network infrastructure, developer tools and high definition room, desktop and mobile video conferencing systems, announced the release of a video conferencing solution tailored to the communication requirements of small and midsize businesses, the Scopia XT1000 SMB solution, a HD video conferencing solution with integrated multi-party and desktop video conferencing.

This solution combines the capabilities of the recently introduced Scopia XT1000 series HD video conferencing room systems with the Scopia Desktop software to extend the XT1000 series room systems' experience to users anywhere on their Macs or PCs. The integrated desktop video conferencing software includes capabilities such as HD video, H.239 room system interoperable data collaboration, and firewall traversal.

The product line supports two streams of HD video each at 1080p resolution and 30 frames per second (fps). The high-end camera offers 10x optical zoom for viewing details as well as wide-angle capability for seeing an entire group. The system also supports high-resolution PC data sharing at 30fps so presentations and even video clips can be shared with no perceived loss of quality. The embedded HD Multi-party Conferencing Unit (MCU) offers support for continuous presence meetings with up to nine participants.

"Video conferencing solutions with this capability have been previously available only to large businesses that could afford to make the necessary investment in multiple products, infrastructure, training and support," said Roberto Giamagli, general manager of Radvision's video business unit. "This unique solution makes the entire video conferencing value proposition from the room system to the desktop more accessible to a broader market providing an easy and cost effective way to personalize communications with colleagues and customers."

The solution also offers desktop client distribution: The desktop software can be installed on an unlimited number of PCs and Macs, providing participation by anyone, including users outside an organization. Automatic Firewall Traversal provides a way to extend video communications beyond an internal network to workers at home, or on the road and at external organizations.

The desktop conferencing capability can be added to existing XT1000 series systems starting at $3,000. Total solutions including the XT1000 HD room system, embedded MCU along with integrated Desktop HD video conferencing are available from $14,450. "The video conferencing software employs a cost-effective deployment model as it can be installed on the desktop of every member of an organization including employees as well as external users such as business partners, suppliers, customers and prospects without additional costs," Giamagli said.