ReachLocal Launches ReachDisplay InApp Platform

The app creates a local geo-fence around the business address, whereby consumers within range are targeted with in-app advertisements on smartphones.

reachlocal and mobile apps

Local online marketing specialist ReachLocal announced the launch of ReachDisplay InApp, an application that delivers location-based dynamic advertisements to consumer smartphones.

ReachDisplay InApp is able to reach consumers within a geo-fenced radius, targeting users on Apple iOS and Google Android devices.

The app works by creating a local geo-fence around the business address, whereby consumers within range are targeted with in-app advertisements on smartphones.

Expandable ads allow users to engage without leaving the app, and ads are assembled real-time and customized to the user, showing the distance to the business location and options to open in maps for directions.

"Reaching consumers is all about being where they are. As consumer behaviors change, local businesses need to adapt," Kris Barton, chief product officer of ReachLocal, told eWEEK. "Local businesses are leveraging new mobile marketing technologies, such as mobile in-app ads to allow consumers to save or send a coupon to a friend, and to serve up special offers that are customized to take advantage of holidays, competitor’s sales, weather or any other number of events."

The app also gives businesses the ability to offer a coupon or offer code with each campaign, while coupons can be saved and shared with friends and family.

Consumers can click-to-call, visit the website, view the business on a map, and clients are able to customize their preferred actions.

In addition, the platform provides automated daily reports on click-through-rates, clicks and impressions, and ad engagement provided in ReachCentral.

Currently available for businesses located in the United States, ReachDisplay InApp is designed with small to medium-size businesses (SMBs) in mind and starts at $500 per cycle, with a cycle typically lasting about 30 days.

"ReachLocal does extensive market research and relies on its years of experience with millions of campaigns run to have our marketing expert consultants work with our clients and determine the best level of spend to reach their goals," Barton said.

In December, ReachLocal announced it had added a third-party campaign result measurement and multi-location alert and reporting capabilities to its total digital marketing system.

The features build on the solution’s lead measurement and alert support that give local businesses transparency into return on investment (ROI) from all their online marketing sources, including organic content like search engine optimization (SEO), Web presence (listings) and social media marketing.

"Mobile is not only becoming a critical part of a marketing plan, but in many cases is becoming the primary experience for consumers. Local businesses need to be thinking mobile first," Barton said. "As mobile technologies become more ubiquitous, local businesses will be able to do more advanced targeting of potential and existing customers across campaigns, devices and mediums."