Report: Apple Developing In-House Radio Application

Is Apple getting ready to launch an in-house radio application for the iPhone and iPod touch?

Apple is reportedly prepping an in-house radio application for the popular iPhone and iPod touch, according to the Apple blog 9to5Mac. Citing unnamed sources, the blog's publisher and editor Seth Weintraub said Apple is developing a to serve as an FM radio similar to that found in current iPod Nanos, with likely Live Pause functionaliy. "The source mentioned that this application could also be incorporated into the before release," Weintraub wrote. "The holdup on this app is that Apple is trying to integrate the Mobile iTunes Store purchases into the functionality of the program."

According to the blog, Apple is also working on tagging capability that allows users to view and download specific music tracks from the iTunes Website. Currently on Apple's App Store users can select a series of radio-based applications such as ESPN Radio ($2.99) and Pocket Tunes Radio ($6.99), which offers thousands of free stations and uses GPS technology to find stations in range.

Satellite radio conglomerate Siruis XM announced in August the impending release of the SkyDock, which allows users to connect to satellite radio via the iPhone or iPod touch. The SkyDock acts as a dock by plugging into the base of the device, providing power as well as linking it to Sirius XM's satellite radio signal.

The SkyDock expands the company's relationship with Apple, as Sirius XM announced in June the release of an iPhone application that serves as a mobile extension of a user's paid satellite radio service. The application, which allows users to access more than 120 channels, comes with a seven-day free trial, at which point a prospective user must subscribe to keep listening.