Ruckus Unleashes Access Points Aimed at Small Businesses

Unleashed is available with two models of Ruckus access points, ZoneFlex R500 Unleashed and ZoneFlex R600 Unleashed APs, priced at $645 and $795.

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Ruckus Wireless announced the launch of Ruckus Unleashed access points, based on a new controller-less WiFi architecture designed to reduce ownership costs.

Separate controllers and access point licenses are no longer needed, and set-up has been made easier, thanks to a simplified Web interface that helps businesses configure WiFi more quickly.

"Small businesses are under a tremendous pressure to improve the efficiency of their business operations. With the rise of IoT, WiFi has become a critical element for business operations as well as a means to differentiate the business to offer specific solutions based on applications," Dan Rabinovitsj, Ruckus’ chief operating officer, told eWEEK. "Most small businesses are now replacing traditional cash registers with tablet and payment applications that run on their WiFi network."

Rabinovitsj also noted video cameras and security systems are now connected over WiFi and sharing status updates with small business owners.

"And even thermostats and music systems are relying on WiFi to stay connected and stream music to a store," he explained. "WiFi is no longer just a nice thing to have for visiting customers, it has become an essential part of how small businesses are running efficient business operations and offer differentiated services."

Unleashed is available with two models of Ruckus access points, ZoneFlex R500 Unleashed and ZoneFlex R600 Unleashed APs, priced at $645 and $795.

The Unleashed version of these access points are similar to the standard R500 and R600, with each AP offering WiFi performance at extended ranges for up to 512 simultaneously connected devices.

Ruckus has built ease of use into its Unleashed range of products by removing the need for a wireless controller, which adds complexity to the network; guiding the deployment process and using pre-filled entries for the users, and simplifying the user interface to make it easier for the users to understand and manage their network.

In addition, adding new access points to an existing Unleashed network is just plug and play, and the APs can manage up to 25 access points as part of a single-site network.

RF optimization technologies such as Beamflex+, ChannelFly, or Capacity-based Client Access Control, are fully automated functions of Unleashed.

Unleashed access points have built-in controller capabilities similar to Ruckus’ ZoneDirector controller software, including user access controls, guest networking functions, advanced WiFi security and traffic management.

"Ease of use, such as fast configuration and simple management interface, are critical for small businesses owners and managers to be able to manage their WiFi network without requiring a science degree," Rabinovitsj said. "For that reason, we have reinvented how Unleashed gets deployed-- in minutes. And the management interface makes it extremely easy to get the most efficiency from the WiFi network."