Ruckus Wireless Debuts Xclaim WiFi System, App

The product line features four indoor and outdoor 802.11n and 802.11ac WiFi solutions for small businesses designed within lightweight form factors.

ruckus wireless and wifi

Networking solutions specialist Ruckus Wireless unveiled the Xclaim WiFi system developed for the small and midsize business market.

Marketed as a new brand of cloud-ready, controller-free WiFi products, included within the Xclaim portfolio is the free Harmony for Xclaim mobile application.

Built for the iOS and Android operating systems, Harmony for Xclaim streamlines installation, configuration and ongoing administration of a WiFi network.

Xclaim now makes it possible for small businesses with limited IT budgets to install, configure, and monitor a WiFi network with the introduction of Harmony for Xclaim.

The custom developed mobile application is used exclusively with Xclaim access points.

Harmony for Xclaim takes any non IT-savvy person through a simple step-by-step process to automatically discover access points and configure wireless local area network (LAN) settings.

"When it comes to WiFi, there are two basic stumbling blocks for small businesses--affordability and ease of use. Given today’s mobile device explosion, small businesses want a better WiFi solution that provide more reliability, capacity and is a system that is brain-dead simple to install," David Callisch, vice president of corporate marketing for Ruckus Wireless, told eWEEK. "While they are familiar with consumer WiFi products, those products can’t be easily managed and lack the robustness required for a small business that typically doesn’t have in-house IT-expertise. Xclaim solves these precise problems."

Callisch said Xclaim will be useful for a wide range of small businesses, from small, professional trade businesses like dentists and law offices, to coffee shops and other small retail stores, plus small, public facing venues that want to provide fast, secure and reliable WiFi access to their customers and staff.

After configuration and setup, Harmony for Xclaim’s in-app dashboard provides a real-time view of network data such as connected access points (APs) and clients, connected client by AP, client types, traffic volumes and more.

The product line features four indoor and outdoor 802.11n and 802.11ac WiFi solutions for small businesses designed within lightweight and low-profile form factors.

Available immediately, the Xclaim product portfolio includes the Xi-1 indoor 802.11n access point for $89, the Xi-2 indoor 802.11n access point, for $149, the Xi-3 indoor 802.11ac access point, for $199 and the Xo-1 outdoor 802.11ac access point, which lists for $299.

The WiFi capabilities include dynamic channel selection, band steering, client isolation, and airtime fairness, which all come standard in Xclaim APs to ensure higher levels of WiFi reliability, security and performance without constant manual optimization.

Local management is provided through Harmony for Xclaim. Supported on iOS and Android smart mobile devices, the app is designed to simplify the discovery of APs, the configuration of wireless parameters and the ongoing monitoring of wireless LAN environments.

The mobile application is available as a free download from the iTunes Store (iOS 7.x and later) and on the Google Play Store for Android smartphones (version 4.1 and higher).

"WiFi is quickly becoming a business necessity and no longer simply a 'nice-to-have' amenity for small businesses," Callisch said. "It will allow small businesses not only to provide better customer service, but also to better engage with their customers and streamline their business operations. Until now, small businesses really haven’t had a viable option for installing enterprise-class WiFi."