S2 Offers Pronto Web-Based Security Solution

S2 Security expands its family of Web-based security solutions with Pronto, a browser-based system aimed at cost-conscious businesses.

S2 Security, the manufacturer of the S2 NetBox and S2 Enterprise integrated IP-based physical security systems, announced the release Web-based security appliance Pronto for small to medium-size businesses. S2 Pronto brings the company's integrated security management capabilities to midmarket companies and offers a browser-based system that can be managed remotely by the system owner and supports video monitoring, access control and alarm capabilities.

Designed for systems that have up to 32 access control readers and eight total network nodes, Pronto has an updated user interface that simplifies operation of the system. Axis and IQinvision cameras have enhanced live viewing capabilities, and a home page gives the system user an instant snapshot of system status. To simplify operation further, Pronto has enhanced support for touch screens.

John Moss, CEO of S2 Security, said midmarket businesses want to take advantage of some of the same capabilities that larger system users want. "With S2 Pronto, small and mid-size organizations finally have access to a 100 percent browser-based physical security system packaged and priced with their scale in mind," he said. "S2 is offering smaller organizations access to third generation technology, and installers and distributors an opportunity to address this market in a whole new way."

All S2 systems products sold to certified integrators include one year of SUSP coverage, and subsequent years may be purchased at any time as long as the system remains covered. Standard support plans require that all contact with S2 be through an S2-certified systems integrator. The plans are value priced to encourage the largest number of systems to participate in the program. The S2 Black Support Program (BSP) provides an advanced level of support coverage ideal for large system owners and other end users for whom owner access to S2 technical services is essential. The BSP is available only to system owners of S2 Enterprise-class systems.

"When you are putting something on the network, you need to have IT buy- in. They had some concerns about protecting the network and maintaining its efficiency. But the IT group was really impressed with how the S2 NetBox works and that it doesn't tie up bandwidth," said Steve Adams, safety manager for Hobart FEG, a supplier of equipment for the food services industry. "The process of adding a user to the system, providing someone with a badge, or ensuring that they had the access they needed and only the access they needed, used to be a huge undertaking. I am really pleased with how simple these processes have become, even with the increased level of security."