Sage, Cloud Elements Announce Partnership

Through the joint effort, Cloud Elements plans to provide Sage’s customer base with a Sage Accounting Hub and Sage Payroll Hub at no additional cost.

sage and cloud

Cloud accounting software specialist Sage and API management and integration platform Cloud Elements announced a partnership to leverage Cloud Elements' open API Hubs to enable third-party developers to create a cloud accounting platform.

With the Sage Integration Cloud, setting up an integration between Sage One and Expensify, for example, can be as simple as logging into each application and clicking allow connection, according to the company.

Designed for this type of third-party app customization, Cloud Elements for Sage is a platform for end users to access normalized Sage APIs and a catalog of more than 115 integration endpoints.

It also provides a platform that allows for the customization and development of new third-party product add-ons.

The open, API-driven platform is designed for independent software vendors (ISVs) or other authorized Sage partners that want to integrate their product with Sage and other market participants, as well as with business partners and system integrators that provide custom solutions for customers.

"Sage and Cloud Elements partnered to disrupt and modernize how Sage Partner ISVs connect Sage products, like Sage One, Sage Live and Sage X3, to other cloud services they use on a regular basis," Mark Geene, Cloud Elements CEO and co-founder, told eWEEK. "Sage has a massive community of ISV partners who actively use Sage's accounting, payments and payroll services, and these ISVs have a huge need for connecting those applications to cloud services."

Geene said Cloud Elements fits perfectly within the Sage ecosystem, offering a unified set of APIs to simplify the process of how developers and ISVs can integrate Sage products.

"It's crucial for directors of integration and product leaders to establish a viable plan to extend their product via APIs,” he noted. “This is central to this partnership, and is defining to how Sage and Cloud Elements are working together in the digital business era."

Cloud Elements is providing a Sage Accounting Hub and Sage Payroll Hub to Sage customers at no additional cost.

The Sage Accounting Hub initially will offer integrations to Sage One, Sage Live and Sage X3, with plans to extend integrations to the Sage 50, Sage 100, Sage 200, Sage 300 and My Sage products.

"An open cloud ecosystem is vital for businesses that want to stay at the forefront of innovation in microservices, mobile development, internet of things and connected devices," Geene said. "An open cloud ecosystem also enables connections between cloud applications. In this, data integration is a critical path to success for businesses aiming to stay competitive in their market."

Offering an open cloud ecosystem is a way to enable users to connect and share data between the cloud services they use, he said.