Samsung ProXpress C30 Series MFPs Aimed at Small Businesses

Samsung IFS technology features a thin, flexible fusing sleeve with larger nip that realizes lower power consumption and print quality improvement.

samsung and mfps

Consumer electronics giant Samsung announced the launch of the ProXpress C30 series multi-function printers (MFPs), which are aimed at small- to medium-size businesses (SMBs) and offer several improvements over previous models.

For example, printing speed has increased from 26 ppm to 30 ppm, toner yield to 8K/5K and paper capacity to 1,400 sheets.

Any Samsung eXtensible Open Architecture (XOA) embedded devices or selected independent software vendor (ISV) solutions such as Rindale, Scanshare and Cirrato can be integrated with the C30 series.

In addition, with an 800 MHz dual CPU processor--50 percent faster than the previous models--the machines’ printing, copying and scanning processes have been accelerated as well.

Another key feature of the C30 series is its high-quality graphics. Samsung’s Instant Fusing System technology, which provides shorter wait times, faster prints and copies, and helps lower energy consumption will also work to reduce operating costs, the company said.

Traditional fusing technology uses a heating roller and a thick metal roller to fix toner on print media. The thick metal roller requires much energy and time to heat, leading to long wait times, one of the main reasons for decreased printer productivity.

In addition, a metal roller is inflexible and makes a relatively narrow nip, which provides the area where the fusing process fixes toner to media.

Samsung IFS features a thin, flexible fusing sleeve with larger nip that realizes lower power consumption and print quality improvement.

The technology enables Samsung printers to heat toner particles quickly, affix toner to larger areas of print media faster, use less energy for reduced costs and produce more durable, high-quality printed documents.

With resolutions of 9,600 x 600 dots per inch and Samsung’s Rendering engine for Clean Pages (ReCP) technology, printed, copied and scanned documents and images are optimized, with unnecessary details omitted and unclear elements enhanced.

These enhancements make documents seem sharper and more vibrant. Negative sharpening on bright texts and lines against dark backgrounds ensures that text and lines are clearly legible, even at very small font sizes.

In addition, ReCP technology produces optimal color reproduction with the option to choose a specific content type from the printer menu interface. These content types include Standard, Photo, Biz Graphic, Computer Aided Design (CAD) and Web-Page.

Businesses interested in learning more about the printers can turn to Samsung’s mobile print app available for smartphones and tablets, where they can access additional information about the C30 series on Samsung Printing Catalog.