SDL Unveils Language Cloud Translation Platform

In the coming months, SDL plans to expand Language Cloud to include subscription access to machine translation for use in the translation process.

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Web content management, analytics and social intelligence specialist SDL introduced Language Cloud, a cloud translation platform that allows organizations to communicate across languages.

The solution provides on-demand access to translation services and application programming interfaces (APIs) for integrating human and machine translation capabilities into any application.

Translated files are delivered at an agreed deadline to a designated email address, with all administrative tasks taken care of online. The Language Cloud Translation API is REST-based and designed with resource oriented URLs utilizing built-in HTTP features like HTTP authentication and HTTP verbs.

All API calls to the translation platform need to be authenticated by utilizing an API key, and then from the account organizations can generate an API key so that translations can be performed in the next step.

In the coming months, SDL said it plans to expand Language Cloud to include subscription access to machine translation and terminology for use in the translation process, collaboration tools and innovative solutions to transform translation efficiency.

The platform offers a wide spectrum of translation options, including human, machine and specialist machine translation, and is designed to be a solution for translating all content, from branded campaigns to Websites, support content, user reviews and instant chat.

The company only allows translators to translate into their mother tongue, which means if they are from Spain they can translate from English to Spanish but not the other way.

All the company’s translators have a professionally recognized qualification in a translation-related subject and are often specialists in other fields as well.

"In order for brands to break these communication barriers with their intended audiences, language needs to be a critical factor in their global customer experience strategy," Dominic Kinnon, CEO of SDL Language Solutions, said in a statement. "The SDL Language Cloud provides a solution for all of these needs by simplifying translation for organizations and offering a combination of human and machine translation options and local language interactions with customers, regardless of geographic region."

Built with the company’s own machine translation platform, the SDL Translate mobile application also gives users anytime, anywhere access to translation for text, speech and social sharing, and is currently available for download through the Apple App Store.

The company is making an effort to provide software that allows businesses to focus on digital marketing, data-driven interactions, mobile technology and cloud-based computing, with customer profiles and behaviors driving real-time contextual delivery, resulting in higher conversions.

When it comes to language, a company survey revealed 20 languages are required to reach 80 percent of the online population, as 70 percent of Internet traffic comes from non-English native countries.

Further indicating the importance of translation capabilities is the fact that 72 percent of Web users spend all or most of their time on Websites in their own language.

In addition, findings from a recent Common Sense Advisory Board study revealed that 75 percent of online shoppers are more likely to buy products from Websites in their language and 74 percent are more likely to purchase from the same brand again if the after-sales care is in their language.

SDL claims more than 1,500 enterprise customers, more than 400 partners and a global infrastructure of 70 offices in 38 countries. Chrysler, Bosch, HP, Canon and Boeing are among the company’s clients.