Self-Service Option Clicks lets users find what they want without calling for help.

Electronic marketing company DoubleClick Inc. is in the business of providing customers with the information they need to plan and manage marketing programs, campaigns and advertisements. However, when it came to support, DoubleClicks customers couldnt always find the help they needed without picking up a phone to talk to someone.

Because of this, the New York-based company turned to KnowledgeBase Solutions Inc.s, which allowed DoubleClick to build a powerful

Web-based, self-service option that made it easy for customers to find answers to support questions and also easy for DoubleClick personnel to consistently keep the knowledge base updated with the latest information.

DoubleClick was using a home-grown system that consisted of a text database that integrated with its Remedy support system to give customers some ability to search for common support solutions on their own.

Ben Saitz
However, according to Ben Saitz (pictured on left), senior director of operations with DoubleClicks Global Technical Services, this system was limited, especially when it came to reporting and feedback. "There were no metrics or any kind of analysis in this system," Saitz said. "We werent providing our customers with a strong self-service support option."

This system also proved to be less than capable for support staff, who searched it and were responsible for adding content to it. The old system "was simple to use, but there was no back end to it, and there was no standard way to enter content," said Bryan Hylenski, a technical escalation analyst at DoubleClick.