ServiceCEO Enhances Features in Field Service Management Software

Designed for cost-conscious field service companies, ServiceCEO Office Edition 7.0 offers features such as support for Microsoft's Windows 7 and Windows Vista 64-bit operating systems.

ServiceCEO (formerly known as Insight Direct), a provider of software that helps field service companies run their businesses more smoothly, announced version 7.0 of ServiceCEO Office Edition, their solution for managing different aspects of business operations. The company said the upgraded software features more intuitive and enhanced controls for inventory planning and management helping HVAC/plumbing, pool and spa, electrical and other service businesses improve productivity, and customer service by helping ensure parts availability, maintaining optimal stock levels and minimizing delays and shrinkage. Office Edition 7.0 is available worldwide with pricing starting at $2,895.
With ServiceCEO Office Edition 7.0, inventory management is now an integral part of the job management workflow. In addition to a new master inventory dashboard, users can now access and manage inventory from within job records and a dedicated purchase order section in customer record, helping them purchase, assign and track parts with more precision and efficiency. New features include a master dashboard providing an overview of all inventory, filterable by vendor, stock location, product, job, availability, and need and assignment and with the ability to make bulk orders and adjustments and a customizable stock location function to more precisely log parts by sub- location within a stock location.
"In the security systems integration business, we are constantly dealing with many variables: lots of expensive parts and lots of technicians servicing customers. Our chief challenges are to monitor the inventory availability and to track the equipment once it's installed," said Jon Shelton, a systems analyst at D/A Central, an intelligent security systems integrator. "What's great about ServiceCEO version 7.0 is that I can immediately see when all parts are in stock so we can schedule the job even when it involves many parts. This helps us run our business more efficiently and productively, and keeps customers satisfied."
Other features include a dedicated application to facilitate and track the return of parts to a vendor, or back to a stock location, automated transfer tickets to more efficiently facilitate the movement of parts between different stock locations, the ability to create, view and amend purchase orders directly from within a job, alerts to help ensure follow-up on time-sensitive, inventory-related tasks such as transfer completions or sending purchase orders and support for Windows 7 and Windows Vista 64-bit operating systems.
"Parts and materials management is a complex, error prone, and time-consuming challenge that directly impacts customer satisfaction, cash flow and the bottom line," said Christopher Chapman, COO of ServiceCEO. "Until now, field service businesses have "made do" with inefficient paper-based purchase order systems or hard-to-use and expensive inventory management software. With ServiceCEO they now have an integrated and easy-to-use solution for integrated job and inventory management, helping to improve customer service and profitability."