SiSense Offers Business Intelligence Tools for Cost-Conscious Companies

Israeli technology company SiSense announces business intelligence tools aimed at midmarket companies looking to access comprehensive data quickly and comprehensively.

SiSense, a provider of business intelligence tools for small to midsize businesses, has announced the next generation of its Prism product, called PrismCubed, a user-friendly, low-cost tool for in-depth, end-to-end business intelligence, capable of visual representation and ad-hoc queries of large amounts of integrated data from several data sources.

PrismCubed is available now and can be purchased as an individual license or server license. The server license enables unlimited users for a fixed price. A full-featured 30-day trial is available for download via the company's Website.

With no coding, programming or scripting necessary, SiSense argues PrismCubed is ideal for midmarket companies that need BI tools to be implemented quickly, with limited technical resources and at a low cost. SiSense co-founder and CEO Elad Israeli said SMBs need clean data that is ready for analysis and accessible by many.

"PrismCubed is the breakthrough BI technology that finally brings enterprise-class analytics to SMBs," he said. "They need all the power and functionality of an enterprise analytics system brought to the fingertips of any executive or IT manager without the resource baggage of programming, long project cycles, training, and unnecessary drain on time and budget."

Israeli said the product's interface is designed to make it easier for business intelligence application creation, including intuitive dashboards and guided analytics from multisourced and disparate data, and allows users to perform all data preparation, integration, synthesis and joins using a visual workflow, enabling the development of a robust and accurate business intelligence practice regardless of company size or resources.

"The face of BI needs a major lift. BI is old," says Burton Group senior analyst Joe Bugajski. "Its wrinkles tell of hopeful days long ago. BI needs fresh faces to turn heads away from wizened products. Enter SiSense, a tiny Israeli BI tools company and one of the pretty, fresh BI faces seeking partners among SMBs."

PrismCubed's new data store utilizes in-memory technology coupled with a columnar database, which eliminates the need for resource-draining data warehouses or OLAP (online analytical processing) implementations. Another feature of PrismCubed is the ability to connect directly to data sources such as Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL and even an existing OLAP to show live dashboards and guided analytics applications.

PrismCubed covers the whole process of building business intelligence applications powered by multidimensional analytics, from ETL (extraction, transformation and loading) of data coming from disparate data sources to dashboard and analytics creation and deployment. Data from sources like Excel, csv, Access, Microsoft Analysis Services, SQL, MySQL, Oracle and others can be sourced and processed for analysis by PrismCubed. The integrated centralized data can be deployed locally or on a server, the company said.

"Four years ago, SiSense's CEO, Elad Israeli, asked himself two questions: Does BI really need massive ETL, big-iron servers and large development teams to win SMBs' hearts and dowries? Can BI be easy to deploy, simple to use and inexpensive to own?" said Bugajski. "Elad answered by building PrismCubed, which he claims-sans big iron, big development and big costs-is pretty enough to win over eligible SMBs from Microsoft BI, Tableau Software, Actuate, Illuminate or old folk with facelifts [i.e., SAP Business Objects, IBM Cognos, Oracle Hyperion and MicroStrategy]."