Smart Online, DDNi Ink Distribution Deal

SAAS provider Smart Online and DDNi announce a distribution deal that will see Smart's OneBiz applications for small business delivered through DDNi OASIS platform.

Midmarket software-as-a-service application provider Smart Online and Digital Delivery Networks today announced a marketing-focused distribution agreement whereby DDNi will present Smart Online's suite of OneBiz applications for small business through its OASIS 2.0 client management platform.

The OneBiz suite of Web-based applications is designed to help streamline business processes, reduce operating costs and improve internal controls of small businesses as well as SOHO operations. DDNi's OASIS is already integrated into the desktop and notebook systems of OEM PC manufacturers and white box resellers.

"We are an application that is pre-loaded on a PC that helps the user navigate all the content and offerings that are customized and designed for that PC," said Michael Kuptz, CEO of DDNi. "We are a framework for the user to personalize their PC."

Trial versions of OneBiz applications will be available on OASIS 2.0-equipped PCs. Once a user goes through a sequence of questions posed from the DDNi Decision Center and indicates the PC will be used for business purposes, informational and media-rich descriptions of OneBiz applications will be introduced.

"Instead of an icon, we provide video and contectual information instead of an icon," Kuptz said. "And it's not cluttered on the desktop."

The OneBiz suite includes such practical programs as Human Resources Management, Financial Management, Customer Contact Management and more. They will be accessed from DDNi's Center Stage Application, a desktop destination that showcases tools and techniques to make the PC user experience as positive as possible.

"Our framework populates the interface with content that's useful based on their preferences," Kuptz said. "SMB can extend their capability through our platform with messaging and awareness, and we have the ability through SmartOnline to target those usage models."

Once selected as a preferred application, OneBiz is incorporated into a unique desktop interface that takes users directly to OneBiz SaaS applications without the need to launch a browser or login. These preferences are automatically stored in the OASIS launch site so that Internet applications then appear and operate like applications that are traditionally stored on the desktop.
"Smart Online is excited to be partnering with DDNi to bring more value and purpose to small business users' PC computing activities," said Smart Online's vice president of marketing and sales Neile King. "The OASIS 2.0 platform's Center Stage is an excellent vehicle to expose the power and simplicity of the OneBiz applications to small business operators that can benefit by making use of their capabilities."