SMC Networks Offers Ethernet Solutions

SMC announces three switching products designed to help cost-conscious businesses deploy voice, video and data access with bandwidth speeds up to 100M bps. The TigerAccess VDSL2 Extended Ethernet Solution utilizes VDSL2 technology to deliver high-bandwidth network connectivity.

Networking solutions firm SMC Networks has announced the availability of its TigerAccess Extended Ethernet Switch and TigerAccess Extended Ethernet CPE.

The TigerAccess VDSL2 Extended Ethernet solution enables the deployment of voice, video and data access with bandwidth speeds up to 100M bps over existing Category 1, 2 or 3 wiring. The products are aimed at small to medium-size businesses with a focus on office or hotel deployment.

The TigerAccess Extended Ethernet Switch features two RJ-21 ports, which contain 24 extended Ethernet ports, two RJ-45 Gigabit uplink ports, a 100Base-T management port and an RJ-45 console port. Based upon the VDSL2 standard, it delivers speeds of up to 100M bps to a distance of 800 feet. The product offers features including Spanning Tree protocol, VLAN support for up to 256 groups, quality of service, MultiLink Trunking (LACP), port mirroring and RADIUS client. The switch can be managed via Telnet, SSHv2, SNMP manager (including SNMPv3) and the RS-232 console port.

The TigerAccess Extended Ethernet CPE, which delivers an Ethernet data link speed of up to 100M bps in full-duplex mode, simultaneously supports standard telephone services and connects to PC- and Mac-based computer systems through a 10/100M-bps Ethernet port. When paired with the Extended Ethernet Switch, the SMC7801A/VCP enables broadband connectivity without the need for any rewiring.

The SMC TigerAccess Extended Ethernet Switch and Extended Ethernet CPE are backed by a three-year warranty and 24/7 technical support, and are now available.

The VDSL2 Extended Ethernet Solution utilizes VDSL2 (Very High Speed Digital Subscriber Line 2) technology to deliver high-bandwidth network connectivity with data transfer speeds of up to 100M bps to support services such as HDTV streaming, video-on-demand and high-speed Internet access over existing telephone wiring infrastructure.

Iain Kenney, SMC's director of product marketing, said the VDSL2 Extended Ethernet Solution is generating "a great deal of excitement" among resellers and customers, particularly in the hospitality industry, given the growing demand for cutting-edge in-room network-connected services by guests such as IP telephony, video conferencing and broadband Internet access.

"Using VDSL2 over the existing wiring infrastructure enables the delivery of these advanced network applications and can give hotel operators a competitive advantage over the competition without the need to expend valuable time and expense of installing new cabling," he said. "In addition, many of the current deployed VDSL solutions are based on older technologies that cannot support the advanced bandwidth-intensive applications that today's travelers demand."

According to Keith Alexis, SMC's vice president of sales and marketing at TigerAccess, VDSL2 solves problems for a myriad client applications. "In addition to enabling users to expand services such as video on demand, IPTV, VOIP and other required features, TigerAccess VDSL2 provides a solution for those needing to leverage Web applications or those considering the integration of solutions like unified communication into their networks," he said. "Bandwidth restrictions limit the effectiveness of these offerings in a variety of locations such as historic buildings, apartments, school campuses, cruise lines and other areas where higher speeds to the client hardware are mandatory, but not achievable today."