SMS Media Group Introduces 'Small Business Texting'

It's likely your world revolves around text messaging--at least to a certain degree. SMS Media Group wants to help midmarket companies build on fast, footloose SMS technology to boost their business.

While the abundance of mobile technologies gives businesspeople the ability to stay in contact in numerous ways, text messaging arguably remains the most direct method for quick contacts and confirmations.
According to a recent Nielsen report, SMS communications has now surpassed voice communications, with the typical U.S. mobile subscriber sending 357 text messages per month, compared with 204 voice phone calls. SMS Media Group, an SMS communications company based in Aliso Viejo, Calif., wants small business owners to know text messaging can be more sophisticated than the typical "C U L8TR" sendoff.
The company announced an edition of its SMSdelivery application specifically for small to medium-size businesses (SMBs). The Web 2.0 platform requires no software or hardware installation, as it allows midmarket companies to send text messages to customers or employees using a Web-based environment. SMSdelivery SMB Edition also allows businesses to create, deliver and track text message campaigns.
In addition, the platform offers features that help companies leverage existing list management, subscriber profiling and message delivery tools that include scheduling, targeting and reporting of SMS messages. Since text messaging works on almost all mobile phones, SMS Media Group argues SMS provides a valuable way for small business owners to reward and retain their customers.
The company suggests promotions such as special offers, discounts, event invitations, news or other information. A retail or restaurant owner might find the use of SMS to send coupons, recall notices or sale announcements, and doctors and nurses can alert patients about appointments, medicinal transactions and major surgeries.
"Text messaging campaigns are no longer just for the big guys," said SMS Media Group CEO and co-founder Sheri Wells. "As innovators in the space, we are changing the way SMS messaging is being deployed, reducing startup costs and time to market so small businesses can launch SMS programs that look as good as a major brand."
Small business owners can activate an account on SMS Media Group's Web site and have text messaging integrated into their business on the same day. In addition to the new SMB platform, the company offers the SMSdelivery application in Free and Pro versions. No prices were included with the announcement.