SMS Media Group Packages SAAS Texting for SMBs

If your midmarket business uses text messaging to keep commerce flowing, you might want to look at SMS Media Group's software-as-a-service offering. The SMSdelivery SMB solution offers training and support with its SAAS messaging service.

After announcing the launch March 13 of its SMSdelivery application specifically for small and midsize businesses, SMS Media Group is introducing a solution called SMSdelivery SMB, which offers software-as-a-service Short Message Service technology, short code management, free training and support.
The company said it sees the SMB market as a major opportunity for growth. Sheri Wells, CEO of SMS Media Group, said text messaging can really help a regional business grow and prosper.

"Our new SMB platform lets companies launch a text messaging program quickly and easily without incurring huge costs," Wells said.

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SMS Media Group said it is committed to helping SMBs become more productive and efficient by leveraging text messaging, one of the fastest-growing communications mediums in the world. "Now, more than ever, is the time for small and medium-sized businesses to communicate with their customers and build relationships; and text messaging is an affordable and personal way to do that," Wells said.
The company said SMSdelivery SMB solutions help level the playing field for SMBs so they can improve service and marketing to their best customers. Companies can build mobile customer lists to deliver time-sensitive offers, announcements or other personalized customer messages. Companies can also deliver one-time promotions to attract new customers by allowing wireless subscribers to send a text message and then instantly receive a coupon or special offer on their mobile phone.
A recent Nielsen report found SMS communications have now surpassed voice communications, with the typical U.S. mobile subscriber sending 357 text messages per month, compared with 204 voice calls.
According to Yankee Group analyst Jonathan Edwards, SMBs are becoming more reliant on Web-based applications to run their businesses, from managing finances to sales and marketing. Therefore, SMBs stand to gain the most from on-demand Web-based applications. "They suffer from budget constraints, limited IT resources and a highly distributed work force, which are all addressed by SAAS," Edwards said.