Snagajob Employment App Launches for iOS, Android

Once a free Snagajob account is established, users can find relevant hourly positions and submit an application through the one-click apply feature.

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Snagajob announced a new app designed for users seeking hourly employment.

The app works with Apple iOS and Android devices, and aims to streamline the process of job hunting by tapping into the video, photo and GPS technology of mobile devices.

Once a free Snagajob account is established, users can find relevant hourly positions and submit an application through a one-click apply feature.

"Mobile technology has revolutionized the way people can find, apply and interview for jobs, particularly within the hourly hiring industry," Peter Harrison, CEO of Snagajob, told eWEEK. "With Snagajob's new mobile app, job seekers can take advantage of their smartphone's features like video, GPS, calendar, and chat to turn what used to be a cumbersome and lengthy hiring process into a much faster and efficient hiring process. An hourly job in a matter of minutes--that is what we are shooting for at Snagajob."

The app’s video apply feature allows job seekers to record and upload a short clip of themselves to include with their application. This enables employers to gauge the personality fit and enthusiasm of applicants before scheduling an interview. Applicants also can upload a photo.

"Being able to leverage all of a smartphone's capabilities to improve the way hourly hiring is facilitated is what makes this app so revolutionary," Harrison said. "The most unique feature though would have to be the video apply function, which allows candidates to record a 30- second video, telling the employer what makes them a good fit for the job."

Harrison said finding the right balance between collecting enough information from a user and keeping the mobile user experience as lightweight as possible, was one of the main challenges when developing the app.

"So was balancing the information needs of employers versus the seeker user experience," he said. "We had to create a minimum amount of inputs for the seeker that put them in the best possible position to succeed with a hiring manager."

By using the device’s GPS technology, the app can locate the available positions in a user’s geographic area, so that they can see the opportunities and the distance to their location.

For those seeking employment in a different location, such as college students about to go back to school or a person relocating to a new part of the country, the app allows users to input the location where they would like to search.

Harrison said in the near future, the company plans to increase the speed and relevancy of the job listings, as well as improve the overall job seeker experience to make it as painless as possible to apply for a job.

"The updates will also allow job seekers to reuse the information they have given us during previous applications so they don’t have to continually re-enter the same data on new applications," he explained.