Solarflare, Velocimetrics Integrate Trading Analysis Platforms

The two companies will jointly offer a distributed and customizable, real-time, end-to-end capture and analysis solution for trading firms.

solarflare and Velocimetrics

Solarflare, a specialist in application-intelligent 10/40 Gigabit Ethernet (10/40GbE) software and hardware technology, announced that it is partnering with business flow performance analytics specialist Velocimetrics.

The two companies will jointly offer a distributed and customizable, real-time, end-to-end capture and analysis solution for trading firms.

The combination of Solarflare's Capture SolarSystem, an open, flexible, high-performance persisted Ethernet capture platform, and Velocimetrics' analytics is designed to enable orders and trades to be tracked as they move across business-critical processes.

The platform will provide detailed, live analysis and real-time issue alerting, which allows emerging problems to be quickly detected and their root cause understood and acted upon.

"Solarflare and Velocimetrics have complementary solutions that are critically needed to address regulatory, security and performance concerns," Mike Smith, vice president and general manager of hosted solutions for Solarflare, told eWEEK. "Our Capture SolarSystem is a comprehensive capture solution capable of storing indexed, precision, time-stamped packets to disk at line rate. Velocimetrics provides advanced network, middleware, market data and business-level analytics."

Paul Spencer, chief operating officer of Velocimetrics, told eWEEK his company's technology fits in well with Capture SolarSystems' modular approach.

"This means a trading firm can capture raw packets to disk at multiple locations throughout its global trading environment, can then select at which of these capture points it would like to conduct detailed performance analytics, and we then deploy our technology at these locations," he said. "In my opinion, it's this level of flexibility that makes Solarflare and Velocimetrics' technology such a good fit."

Capture SolarSystem offers a controlled approach to reliably capturing high volumes of raw packets to disk at potentially hundreds of different points across global trading systems.

The platform then streams packets live to Velocimetrics, which provides real-time network and business content analysis and alerting.

Capture SolarSystem can be used as a stand-alone capture solution, capturing and saving data for later retrieval and analysis, as a platform that assists in-house applications consuming data in parallel with packet analysis or decoding, or as the provider of local, real-time capture streams to third-party applications.

Offering hardware time stamping of every packet through Solarflare's server I/O adapters, Capture SolarSystem can be deployed on qualified off-the-shelf server hardware, providing a solution that captures packets in real time and writes them to disk for post-capture analysis.

Velocimetrics' technology is able to reliably consume network packets from Capture SolarSystem and trace the precise path being taken by orders and trades that are moving through complicated business processes.

By performing individual trade and statistical analysis at every stage, users benefit from a real-time understanding of exactly what is happening, as it is happening across their trading environment.

By raising real-time alerts, the instant unexpected behavior is detected, a threshold is reached, or a client service-level agreement (SLA) is in danger of being breached, users are immediately notified of emerging performance, operational risk, customer experience or regulatory concerns.