SolarWinds Releases Storage Resource Monitor, Updates App Monitor

The AppStack dashboard presents an integrated view of monitored applications, servers, virtualization and storage resources.

solarwinds and storage

IT performance management software specialist SolarWinds announced a series of new and enhanced product offerings, including Storage Resource Monitor (SRM) and updates to Server & Application Monitor (SAM), Virtualization Manager and Web Performance Monitor (WPM).

The SRM provides IT with insight into storage resources and the potential performance impact on virtual environments, to ensure business-critical application performance.

The platform provides support for dozens of common arrays and features NetApp Cluster-mode, as well as NetApp IBM N-series, NetApp E-series family, EMC VNX family, and Dell EqualLogic PS Series arrays.

It also offers real-time visibility into heterogeneous storage area network (SAN) and network attached storage (NAS) arrays and integration with the Orion technology and AppStack dashboard, which allows IT professionals to view and manage an IT environment from array to application.

"Businesses simply cannot afford to fly blindly without visibility into the performance of the underlying infrastructure and how it impacts applications," Nikki Jennings, group vice president of systems management products at SolarWinds, told eWEEK."When user productivity drops or customers are affected due to slow application response times, it could have a potential impact on a company’s bottom line. IT departments must have the proper tools in place to monitor, remediate and meet service level agreements."

The AppStack dashboard available in SolarWinds’ platform presents an integrated view of monitored applications, servers, virtualization and storage resources—and Web user experience for Web-based applications—within a single screen to show the health of each of these infrastructure components and how they may impact overall application performance.

This allows IT to identify any compromised application performance and pinpoint which of the other components in the infrastructure may be causing the problem. SolarWinds’ Orion-supported software also enables users to design custom AppStack dashboards for individuals or teams to prioritize their monitoring while also maintaining visibility.

In addition to integration into the AppStack dashboard, Server & Application Monitor now enables IT to monitor business-critical server and application performance hosted in the cloud by services such as Amazon EC2, Rackspace, Microsoft Azure, or other Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) platforms.

It collates this data alongside on-premises server and application performance. All of this occurs within a single tool that supports hybrid cloud environments as well as more than 200 applications. The enhanced platform also supports AppInsight for IIS, providing optimal website performance with Microsoft IIS Web server monitoring, identification of pages that take too long to process, and metrics and remediation capabilities for starting and stopping websites.

Virtualization Manager and Web Performance Monitor now integrate directly with SolarWinds’ Orion technology backbone and the AppStack dashboard, enabling the sharing of performance metrics from these individual products with other modules already integrated.

"As organizations move their mission critical applications between private, hybrid and public clouds, performance management is no longer a nice to have, but a must have," Jennings said. "When an application is running slow, it might as well be down. The key to a well-managed IT infrastructure will require a complete view into the environment and how each layer is impacting their applications and ultimately their users."