Sonavation Debuts SonicTouch Fingerprint Sensor

The company's SonicTouch technology offers end-to-end encryption architecture that provides an encapsulated locked-down module.

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Sonavation, a specialist in ultrasound biometric technology and developer of an ultrasound biometric sensor for protective glass, launched SonicTouch, an authentication solution for digital and device security.

It is a FIDO-ready (fast identity online-ready) ultrasound biometric authenticator system-in-package module that is designed to deliver identity security and ease of integration into mobile and Internet of things (IoT) devices.

"An absolute identification capability that weds revocable digital identity to one's unique anatomical structures, combining public [superficial print] data with private [pore and subcutaneous] data to deliver an easy-to-use one-touch multi-factor [public and private] solution that is virtually immune to spoofing," Bob Stewart, chief operating officer of Sonavation, told eWEEK.

Sonavation is finalizing design-in specifications and launch schedules with three global tier-one mobile device manufacturers.

Incorporating the Sonavation 3D ultrasound sensor, SonicTouch offers end-to-end encryption architecture that provides an encapsulated locked-down module.

Combined with upgradable anti-spoofing and Level 3+ matching systems, secure transaction platforms can be deployed by mobile and IoT device manufacturers, mobile network operators and application developers.

With SonicTouch, a user's singularly unique acoustic fingerprint signature is captured, encrypted and never leaves the device, and allows authentication despite moisture, dirt or lotion that might be present on a user's finger.

Because device protective glass integrity is crucial, SonicTouch was designed to eliminate the need to etch out or cut into the protective display glass, thus keeping the full strength of the glass intact.

"Smaller, cheaper, faster, higher-resolution sensors that are impervious to environmental anomalies, such as moisture, temperature and surface variations, will inevitably lead to ubiquitous pervasive mobile biometric authentication," Stewart said. "Sonavation has the simplest one-touch push-button solution that is wedded to a secure backend to speed solutions to market for IoT and mobile device manufacturers, broadband and wireless carriers, and over-the-top digital SaaS [software-as-a-service] and social application service providers."

Knowing your customer and keeping them secure is moving from an expectation to an obligation, and the results will be decreased liability and increased customer loyalty and peace of mind, he said.