SonicWall Expands TZ Series Appliances Set

SonicWall expands its TZ series with the addition of the TZ 100 and the TZ 200, two appliances aimed at setting a new standard of sophistication for unified threat management.

Network security specialist SonicWall announced the expansion of their TZ Series product line with the launch of the TZ 200, TZ 200 Wireless-N, TZ 100 and TZ 100 Wireless-N. The expansion also includes the recently announced TZ 210 and the appliances are aimed at providing small to medium-sized businesses (SMBs) and distributed enterprises with anti-spam protection, 3G failover, SSL-VPN remote access and additional features designed to help companies control security threats.

Among the upgraded features is a "Comprehensive Anti-Spam Service" using the company's anti-spam technology, which incorporates Advanced Reputation Management (technology that applies reputation GRIDprints to the Sending IP, as well as to the URLs, content, structure, images and attachments of an e-mail) on the firewall, Bayesian analysis in the cloud, and user level quarantining.

The company said this new service, combined with productivity features such as automatic 3G and analog failover, application identification, bandwidth management, SSL VPN remote access, wireless switch controller, integrated 802.11n secure access point and gigabit interfaces set a new standard for security appliances in the SMB market space.

Ron Culler, CTO for Secure Designs, a SonicWall MSP Partner, said SonicWalls's SMB products have always served their company and their clients well and were glad to see the new TZ 200/100 series appliances. "We have always been mindful of balancing our clients' security needs with their IT budgets and experience," he said. "With significant network bandwidth performance increases, Enhanced OS, and SSL VPN Remote access these devices enhance our already robust services offerings. With the TZ 200 our clients are able to take advantage of the higher speed services now entering the SMB market."

The TZ 100 is the entry point of the TZ Series and offers Comprehensive Anti-Spam Service (CASS), which complements the existing UTM protection lineup of Gateway Anti-Virus, Anti-Spyware, Intrusion Prevention, and advanced Content Filtering. The appliance also features five configurable 10/100 interfaces, and SonicWall claims the TZ 100 performs two-and-a-half times faster than the TZ 180.

The TZ 200 offers support for USB-based 3G and analog modem failover, hardware failover and WAN connection failover and per-user mailbox quarantine capabilities to CASS as a complement to UTM. The TZ 200 also boosts memory and processor power to support these additional features while running 40 percent faster than the TZ 100, SonicWall said.

Patrick Sweeney, SonicWall's vice president of product management, said the combination of increasing malware sophistication and the prevalence of social media usage puts SMBs' network security, productivity and cost structure under pressure. "Yet, SMBs and distributed enterprises can't solve the problem with a dozen different solutions," he said. "SonicWall's Unified Threat Management firewalls, combined with the innovative new features, bring a total solution together in one integrated series of firewalls that have the speed, sophistication, and intelligence to solve the security and the productivity threats to the network while still reducing costs."