SonicWall Offers Secure Remote Access Virtual Appliance

The Secure Remote Access Virtual Appliance and Aventail E-Class SRA Virtual Appliance help boost SMB security.

Intelligent network-security and data-protection solutions specialist SonicWall announced the availability of the Secure Remote Access Virtual Appliance and Aventail E-Class SRA Virtual Appliance. The appliances add to the existing SSL VPN small and midsize business and enterprise-class hardware lineup and further expand the company's virtualized appliance offerings that include management, reporting and e-mail security. Combining scalability and reliability, the Secure Sockets Layer VPN solutions are aimed at midmarket companies looking to secure an expanding mobile workforce.

The SRA Virtual Appliance and Aventail E-Class SRA Virtual Appliance represent the company's new platform for installing and maintaining SSL VPNs for businesses of varying sizes. The SSL VPN solutions provide secure access to critical applications and resources through the use of endpoint control.

The Aventail solution provides the ability to identify the user and interrogate the endpoint. Based on the information collected, the SSL VPN solution provides the proper level of access to network resources and confidential data based on the policies defined by the security administrator. Once purchased, the solutions are customizable and require no dedicated hardware. In addition to cost-savings, the preconfigured solution is designed to reduce complexity with simplified product selection, product integration and ongoing product support.

To complement the existing SSL VPN hardware lineup, the SRA Virtual Appliances contain many of the same features, enabling network managers to deploy and manage a single secure access gateway that extends remote access via SSL VPN for both internal and external users to all network resources. This includes Web-based, client/server, host-based and back-connect applications such as voice over IP.

In addition, the virtual appliances are designed to help grant the administrator the insight needed to provide employees, partners and clients with secure remote access to specific and defined resources, according to the needs of each remote user and provide secure access from more places, including IT issued laptops, home PCs, kiosks, smartphones and tablet devices.

"Virtualization adoption is fundamental for companies to stay efficient. By virtualizing sophisticated SSL VPN Remote Access Solutions, companies can drive down costs and respond to scaling needs by right sizing their hardware capacities at will," said Patrick Sweeney, vice president of product management and corporate marketing at SonicWall. "Even faced with the massive adoption of anytime, anywhere access driven by new mobile devices, companies can now enforce corporate access policy, maintain security and save precious budgets."