Sprint Biz 360 Offers Wireless, Mobile Connectivity Services

At the heart of Sprint Biz 360 is Phone Connect, an office phone service that comes without the need for a landline service.

Sprint has announced Biz 360, a series of communication services aimed at small and midsize businesses. Biz 360's tailored communications packages are available now with phones and applications and unique support from care advocates to help midmarket companies implement solutions.

Biz 360 includes wireless phone solutions, fixed and mobile connectivity solutions, productivity solutions that let employees do more from more places. It also has affordable prices and specialized plans-such as Sprint's "Business Freedom" plans-designed to give businesses contract flexibility, pooling options and cost savings

At the heart of Sprint Biz 360 is Sprint Phone Connect, an office phone service that comes without the need for a landline service. Sprint Phone Connect, available Aug. 11, lets small businesses unplug their wireline and plug into Sprint's nationwide 3G wireless network. Customers can also port their phone numbers to Sprint and replace their existing home or office landline-based service, subject to coverage area. Small businesses can also save money by combining the Sprint Phone Connect device with the Sprint Phone Connect plan for unlimited local and long distance calling on the Sprint network.

"Our small business customers have made it clear: small business solutions-beyond cell phones-are notoriously complicated. Small Business owners don't want to spend time navigating a myriad of communications options; they want to focus on their business and their customers," said Judy Train, vice president of small business and alternate channels for Sprint. "What small businesses want is for a carrier to pull together the solution pieces into a coherent package that's easy, flexible, understandable and affordable. That's our intent with Sprint Biz 360."

Sprint has both permanent and temporary solutions to keep small businesses connected and productive, including the MiFi Mobile Hotspot by Novatel Wireless, the Overdrive Pro 3G/4G by Sierra Wireless and Cradlepoint MBR95. Small businesses can customize their plans to fit their business needs. Plans include Business Freedom-zero-term, month-to-month plans-that give businesses the flexibility to connect at their own pace.

Productivity solutions include Aircharge Mobile Payment solutions, Mobile Workforce Locator, Actsoft Wireless Forms Management, Whitepages.com and more, while Sprint business advocates give small-business owners the ability to work with a dedicated rep for account reviews, ask about preference-based services or build a Biz 360 solution to their specifications.

"In today's small-business environment, it's not enough to offer a solution like Sprint Biz 360," Train said. "You have to back it up with your best people, available around the clock and ready to solve a problem, explain a feature, or make a benefit understandable. Small businesses want the same type of dedicated care that enterprise customers get. It's what they say they need to navigate the choices. And it's what 360 delivers."