St. Bernard Software Announces iPrism Secure Web Gateway Appliance 6.4

The latest version of St. Bernard Software's secure Web gateway applicance, iPrism, offers cost-conscious businesses video tutorials.

Web security appliances specialist St. Bernard Software has announced the availability of iPrism 6.4, a secure Web gateway appliance that offers an upgraded Web-based user interface and features including video tutorials integrated directly into the product.

In addition, iPrism's platform provides mixed network support across all major operating systems, including Windows 7, Mac OS X Snow Leopard and Citrix.

iPrism's video tutorials directly integrate into the product to facilitate increased user efficiency and accelerated management comprehension. Through these brief, interactive modules, IT staffs can help educate themselves on the features and functionality options available within the solution.

Michael Osterman, president of Osterman Research, called the video tutorials a positive enhancement to the company's Web security capabilities. "The company's focus on low cost of ownership is carried through in this release, and the video tutorials are a nice feature for those learning the gateway or who might need a refresher on specific capabilities from time to time," he said.

Steve Yin, executive vice president worldwide sales, marketing and services at St. Bernard, said their customers have confirmed that TCO is a critical measure within their organization, which has gone widely under-acknowledged and -represented amongst industry thought leaders. "We recognize the reality experienced by today's IT professionals, including increased turnover, lack of budget, fewer resources and multiple responsibilities," he said. "As a customer-driven company, we are committed to solving these pain points with a solution that is proven to deliver value, simplicity and performance."

With the release of iPrism 6.4, St. Bernard is also building upon its proprietary hybrid platform to introduce its upcoming remote filtering solution. This hybrid platform incorporates the iPrism appliance, St. Bernard's Data Center service and iPrism Remote Filtering Client (for both Windows and Mac). iPrism Remote Filtering is aimed at delivering Web security to remote and mobile employees without requiring any changes to the corporate network or the use of a VPN or DMZ server.

"We've been a highly satisfied customer of iPrism for years, but this latest version has made us even bigger fans," said John Leonowich, director of technology services at Mannington Mills, a manufacturer of floor coverings. "The new GUI is awesome. It's clean, modern and highly intuitive. The workflow-based interface brings everything together in a 'one-stop shop,' which allows for much greater efficiency in managing Web filtering tasks."