Syber, MaxxVault Partner on Document Management Platform

MaxxVault is an open system built using technology designed to provide security and interoperability with existing systems.

Syber, a provider of consulting, technology and marketing services designed to strengthen the core of its clients, allowing them to gain competitive advantage, announced that it has selected MaxxVault, a specialist in enterprise electronic document management systems, as a new technology partner for document management solutions.

"Every company is unique in how they meet the challenges of business," said Jack Crane, CEO of Syber. "Because our clients are of different sizes and use different business systems, we need partners that provide only best-of-breed technologies. With dynamic document capture and easy integration to other business applications, MaxxVault fits in the space between business applications and processes, easing the flow of information while keeping it secure. With MaxxVault, our consultants are able to enhance workflow, dramatically improve compliant record keeping and save money."

MaxxVault is an open system built using technology designed to provide enhanced security, dependability and interoperability with existing systems. The company provides software solutions for the management, distribution and control of corporate documents.

Syber manages business technologies from the daily help desk to strategic network infrastructure installs and aids business leaders in making improvements to the performance of their organizations.

"It's exciting to have Syber as a partner because they will use all the tools in MaxxVault we have worked so hard to include," said Mohammed Iqbal, director of sales for MaxxVault. "The Syber consultants diagnose the situation, then use their expertise and integration capabilities to build solutions that get the most out of all the technology they implement, resulting in high ROI. We are happy to be one of Syber's technology solutions and look forward to working with them to make efficient work of otherwise laborious tasks."

In April, MaxxVault released Enterprise 5, which added new features and enhancements to existing tools. Some of the new features include "Go Green Printing," which prevents unnecessary waste by letting users choose which pages of a large document need to be printed at 100 percent and which can share a page with other documents at 50 percent or 25 percent of normal size, and automatic document linking based on key index values that will make associated documents instantly accessible from each other.