Syntonic, Samsung Partner on DataFlex for Enterprise Platform

The platform establishes and maintains a secure transmission channel between Samsung's Knox container applications and the mobile Internet.

mobile security and samsung

Syntonic announced DataFlex for Enterprise, a security platform designed to manage employees’ use of Samsung Knox mobile devices and business applications.

The platform establishes and maintains a secure transmission channel between Samsung’s Knox container applications and the mobile Internet, even over unsecured WiFi networks or from business apps that are sending data in the clear, the company said.

With DataFlex for Enterprise, Knox Workspace devices are enabled to provide split data billing as a value-add service for Knox integrated enterprise mobility management (EMM) providers. Syntonic’s connected services platform can also support any application or Web service deployed within Knox’s enterprise-hardened, secure workspace environment.

The platform can be incorporated into approved EMM vendor software as a value-add service to ensure compliance with regulatory and corporate policy.

Features include segmented department and employee- specific billing to separate and allocate personal and enterprise billing information. "There are multiple benefits to separating work and personal use. At its most basic level, the business needs to understand [how] mobile data is being used within the company," Gary Greenbaum, Syntonic CEO, told eWEEK. "With that insight, companies know where to invest, how to forecast, and budget by geography, department, or by application. Of course, the separation also makes it easy to save money."

The platform also includes network efficiencies from wireless area network (WAN) optimizations. These include in-network data compression, intelligent caching, and network data deduplication, as well as real-time analytics, notifications, and reporting to provide a view of company mobile data usage.

"Businesses are looking for scale, and so ease of use is paramount, particularly for large companies," Greenbaum said. "DataFlex for Enterprise is fully adaptable through programmatic interfaces to fit within existing enterprise workflow solutions, such as employee management and payroll systems."

Other features include business intelligence for mobile application usage to help guide employee, department and company-wide forecasting, budgeting, and application investment, and browser-based administrative console for device provisioning, and retrieving application-level network analytics.

Rounding out the package are programmatic interfaces for all console services that allow for integration into IT workflows and EMM solutions.

"The costs of BYOD are not well understood nor easily tracked by the enterprise. Many enterprises subsidize BYOD usage, simply paying for employee personal use because there’s no easy way to separate business use from personal use," Greenbaum said. "DataFlex for Enterprise provides analytics and reporting so that companies know how employees, departments, and branch offices are using mobile data, and provides the foundation for business intelligence to help guide mobile investments, forecasting, and budgeting."