SysAid Launches 7.0 Version of SysAid IT Help Desk Software

SysAid's latest version of their help desk software adds new features in version 7.0, including an upgraded Service Level Agreement (SLA) module, among 130 new capabilities.

SysAid Technologies, provider of help desk software solutions and Customer Service Support software, launched its latest version of help desk software, SysAid IT 7.0, featuring a new SLA/SLM module, a fully integrated SysAid task calendar and 130 new capabilities aimed at providing help for IT professionals better manage their IT infrastructure and improved service.

SysAid's upgraded Service Level Agreements (SLA) module provides IT departments with tools to measure the quality of support they provide users, in order to fulfill existing SLAs provide superior service and ultimately improve customer satisfaction. Moreover, SysAid SLM (Service Level Management) features a user-friendly dashboard that collects different SLAs, measures performance indicators and helps analyze the overall success of service delivery.

Other significant features of the new release include the integrated SysAid Calendar. This feature automatically logs updates to track all activities, due dates and software support expiration dates, and may be fully synchronized with Microsoft Exchange. In addition, a new SysAid iPhone application allows users to respond to service requests from their Apple mobile phone.

"Our goal at SysAid has always been to provide companies of all sizes with a variety of simple, easy-to-install-and-use software tools," said Israel Lifshitz, founder and CEO of SysAid. "Our new SLA/SLM module is a simple and effective way for IT departments to ensure that they are meeting their service requirements, but more than that, it enables them to identify and investigate where they have been successful and what needs to be improved."

Improvements have also been made to the embedded Live Chat module, including the ability to initiate remote control sessions directly from the chat box. Also, a new SysAid report-building wizard creates customized reports, and the End-User Portal is now available in 44 languages.
"We always encourage open and active dialogue with our users. In fact, many of the new features of version 7.0 were initiated through the SysAid Community," said Lifshitz. "Naturally, we have implemented the ones that are aligned with our roadmap. We are proud to be able to listen and learn from the SysAid users, and to continuously enhance our platforms to meet and exceed our users' requirements, helping them succeed on both a personal and professional level."
At the start of the year, SysAid, announced the launch of the company's latest version of its CSS software, CSS 2.0. The updated version is a free on-demand platform aimed at midmarket companies that features Live Chat capabilities and includes a set of CSS functionalities that SysAid said could not only allow for greater efficiency, but could greatly alter the way SMBs approach and manage their customer service departments.