Talon Storage Updates MobileFAST File Sharing Application

MobileFAST has been updated to support Web Access Portal and Windows Client, in addition to Apple iOS and Google Android operating systems.

talon and mobile file sharing

Talon, announced the latest version of its MobileFAST file sharing application.

Clients can use the platform to collaborate across a distributed workforce using smartphones, tablets, or laptops.

MobileFAST has also been updated to support Web Access Portal and Windows Client support, in addition to Apple iOS and Google Android operating systems, providing authentication and authorization managed by Microsoft Active Directory (AD).

"The continuous demand of content from various end user devices, that are beyond the realm of traditional IT management, is becoming a challenge from a BYOD management and security perspective," Andrew Mullen, senior vice president of sales and marketing for Talon, told eWEEK. "This shadow IT challenge impacts IT administrators and CIOs, as users or departments are starting to leverage consumer grade file sharing solutions like Dropbox, BOX.net, that are beyond the boundaries of corporate IT policies."

Mullen explained that MobileFAST provides businesses a way to extend a privately managed file sharing environment to a distributed end-user, providing secure, global access to mobile users. Key features of the platform include offline and online access to files and folders; real-time synchronization of files and folders; virtual network support; cross- platform online access to files and folders, and secure HTTP/HTTPS transport.

Clients are integrated with enterprise security, allowing for AD log on, remote wiping capabilities and secure transport with no virtual private network (VPN) requirements.

In addition, notebook users have full offline networking mode with local virtual cache, preserving Windows semantics.

MobileFAST is available to all Talon clients free of charge. Customers purchase a license based only on the maximum concurrent users of the technology, not on clients deployed.

"Customers want to leverage a secure, non-disruptive way to access to privately managed, on-premises or cloud-based distributed file storage," Mullen explained. "Consumer grade enterprise file share and sync solutions typically want your data in their cloud, which may become a risk to enterprises that want to maintain productivity, integration and control of their environments."

He said MobileFAST gives end users an Explorer-like file sharing and collaboration experience, without disrupting IT and the business.

"Additionally, when your mobile device management strategy is in place, and you've selected applications that help move the business forward, it's up to the users to embrace the technology," he said. "Ease-of-use is key to the success of your mobile strategy, as your applications should align with existing user workflows and experience."