Tandberg Offers SMBs High-Def Video Conferencing Solution

If you're a cost-conscious business looking to reduce travel expenses by investing in video conferencing technology, Tandberg wants to bring you a high-definition solution.

In an effort to help struggling small businesses stay afloat in a down economy by reducing business travel needs, Tandberg has announced the release of the Quick Set C20, a 1080p high-definition video conferencing solution for SMBs.
The Quick Set C20 visual communication package includes a Codec C20, a high-resolution 1080p30 camera with 4x zoom, a remote control and a microphone. The system can be plugged into any high-definition display for video conferencing capabilities. In five steps users can connect the camera, display, power, network and microphone components.

Tandberg CEO Fredrik Halvorsen said he predicts SMBs will recover faster than many larger companies, due to their ability to be more nimble and responsive to opportunities, and said implementing high-quality, easy-to-use visual communications solutions, or expanding existing solutions, is now simple and affordable-without compromising on quality.
"We are very excited to introduce the Quick Set C20 as the first offering of its kind-providing absolute quality video at a price point within the reach of smaller businesses," he said. "With 1080p team video conferencing, small and medium-sized companies are able to appear larger. Video enables a lean staff to increase customer face time and reduce travel expenses; recruit top talent no matter where they are located; and build a culture around collaboration, which will help SMBs adapt to changing realities."
The company is also offering an enhanced product, the Quick Set C20plus, which comes with a 12x zoom camera and the ability to select 1080p30 or 720p60 modes. Both Quick Set C20 packages have the ability to support dual screens for multimedia sharing and are supported by TMS (Tandberg Management Suite). TMS tracks all system usage and identifies trends, including packet loss, bandwidth usage and system auditing.

TMS is a scalable, user-friendly central management system that integrates with existing applications, providing visibility and centralized control for on-site and remote video systems. TMS supports management, deployment and scheduling of the video network, including telepresence, from one product. The Web-based service also provides automatic software upgrades and automated provisioning for mass deployment.
Roopam Jain, principal analyst with analyst firm Frost & Sullivan, said SMBs are increasingly conducting their businesses globally and will need to use conferencing to carry on their normal business operations. "Video conferencing, while very effective, has traditionally required expensive equipment and resources, making it uneconomical for this group," Jain said. "The Quick Set C20 is unique in that it provides a plug-and-play high-definition video conferencing solution at an attractive price point that is easy to install-a requirement for many SMBs who have limited IT resources."