Teambox Releases Work Management Platform

A "Private Elements" feature allows users to conduct private conversations within a project.

Teambox, a developer of social-powered online collaboration tools, announced today the release of Version 3.0 of Teambox, a work management solution for freelancers, self-employed, small business owners and large teams. It is an online collaboration tool that allows individuals both within and outside of an organization to work together in a social setting. Users can access Teambox from their computer or smartphone for connection to projects and conversations.

Several enhancements were implemented for the newest 3.0 release, including a simpler and more intuitive interface that eliminates unnecessary actions and encourages productivity. Threaded comments were added that enable users to manage different workflows, making it simpler to move between projects while engaging in more streamlined conversations.

Users can also now expand and contract different elements such as tasks or conversations within the activity stream, giving users a broader view of their individual workload and the business as a whole. In addition, Twitter-style @ notifications were integrated as a way to tag other users who should be following a certain project.

A new feature termed "Private Elements" allows users to conduct private conversations within a project that can be restricted to certain individuals. The company said this new functionality is ideal for internal teams that want to bring outside vendors into Teambox for project and task management, but also need the flexibility of private internal conversations. Integration with Google Docs allows users a deeper connection to content and projects, as they can now create a Google Doc and embed it within a Teambox task. Project managers no longer need to manually invite recipients, as Teambox automatically grants access to everyone on the project.

"Teambox is a solution that allows businesses to move from the email inbox as the place to manage work and conversations," said Karl Goldfield, vice president of sales and marketing at Teambox. "Our solution is much more advanced than competitors that provide glorified chat platforms. Using Teambox, you can actually assign tasks and get things done as well as collaborate. Our ease of use is unparalleled, with a clean interface that is intuitive yet still offers advanced features."

The Teambox platform is designed to provide improved efficiencies for any sized business from one-person consultancies to enterprise-level firms. Current enterprise customers include Chevron, The Mayo Clinic, the Houston Chronicle, Amyris and 20 universities throughout the United States, including the University of Kentucky and the University of Michigan.

"We are continually evolving Teambox's features to make it the best social collaboration platform in the marketplace," said Goldfield. "With our 3.0 version, we are furthering our goal of making work fun by modeling task and project management after the top consumer social networking sites. Teambox is ideal for even one-person businesses, as it allows every user a way to dramatically increase both productivity and the quality of work."