TeamF1 Unveils Enhanced UTM Features for Security Gateways

The platform expands on its existing perimeter security features of firewall, IPS and gateway antivirus checks.

TeamF1, Inc., a provider of embedded networking and security software solutions for wired and wireless applications, announced the availability of several new threat management features in its SecureF1rst platform in its Security Gateway Solution (SGS) for small to medium-size business (SMB) security routers.
The expanded set of features is designed to enable original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) to provide midmarket companies with protection from multiple types of threats including protection from viruses, malware, malicious web content, and poisoned URLs as well as offer them new VPN options and intrusion prevention features at layer 2 for WLANs. The new features are available for immediate licensing on SecureF1rst SGS directly from TeamF1, and will also be rolled out to other turnkey solutions in TeamF1's SecureF1rst family in coming months, the company reported.
This enhanced SecureF1rst SGS offering expands on its existing perimeter security features of firewall, IPS, and gateway anti-virus checks, to add new AV signature providers and zero-hour protection of businesses from the latest outbreaks of malware on the Web aided by a continuously updated cloud-based filtering database.
TeamF1's InstanTunnel VPN security suite which includes IPsec, clientless SSL and PPTP VPN options, now offers an additional OmniSSL feature which offers site-to-site SSL VPN tunnels, interoperability with OpenVPN servers and clients, as well as a mechanism to enable secure access to the LAN behind the router via a "cloud-gateway," from a user account on OpenVPN's commercial Access Server.
On the WLAN security side, new wireless intrusion prevention (WIPS) features in the SecureF1rst platform offer the ability to monitor Wi-Fi traffic for guarding against threats from rogue access points, and protecting businesses by thwarting several common attacks such as "evil twin" and "man-in-the-middle" attacks.
"The landscape of network-based threats is continually evolving and gateway security solutions have to keep up with new levels of sophistication in security attacks," said Rohit Sukhija, director of marketing at TeamF1, Inc. "SMB network users and IT administrators demand comprehensive threat management features traditionally the domain of high-end enterprise equipment. By making new innovative security features available in a pre-integrated solution at an attractive price point, TeamF1 helps SMB networking OEMs rise to the challenge and deliver such devices to the market speedily."
The company also announced a partnership with Kaspersky Lab, a developer of secure content and threat management solutions to help enable networking OEMs targeting secure devices for home and business networking to offer gateway anti-malware protection to their users. The partnership expands the array of options available to OEMs by offering functionality to match threats against the latest Kaspersky Lab signatures database in gateway/routers, as well as optionally integrating Kaspersky Lab's anti-malware engine into TeamF1's SecureF1rst family of gateway solutions.
"End-point protection, while an important part of security, is no longer sufficient for today's constantly besieged networks. Network users need solid anti-malware protection at the gateway to be able to combat dangerous malware," said Mukesh Lulla, president of TeamF1. "Kaspersky Lab's highly-regarded technologies and frequently updated signatures enables our SecureF1rst platform to offer the kind of ironclad security that today's networks demand."