TeleSign Launches Auto Verify Mobile App SDK

The platform can also be used for phone number verification, ensuring an existing end user has a legitimate phone number attached to each account

telesign and app dev

Mobile identity solutions specialist TeleSign announced the release of Auto Verify, a lightweight software development kit (SDK) for mobile app developers. The kit is designed to streamline account verification processes while providing an alternative method to SMS-based verification.

Auto Verify simplifies mobile app user registration by streamlining the verification of a user’s mobile phone number during account creation, using carrier signaling instead of traditional SMS OTP.

It can also be used for transaction verification, such as increasing the assurance for high-value transactions, such as money transfers, payment transactions, and password changes, by requesting and then verifying, in real time, a user’s phone number within their mobile app.

"Ease of use is extremely important, and was a main focus when developing Auto Verify, but never at the expense of security," Jess Leroy, TeleSign’s senior vice president of product management, told eWEEK. "In working with 20 of the world’s 25 largest and most popular Web properties, we have discovered that striking the right balance between strong security and a frictionless user experience is the key to developing a sustainable user verification system, and that’s what we’ve created with Auto Verify."

Leroy said ultimately, even the most secure systems won’t be used if they are too cumbersome to consumers, and the most seamless systems are of no use if they aren’t secure.

The platform can also be used for phone number verification, ensuring an existing end user has a legitimate phone number attached to each account by seamlessly verifying the number in the background, while users interact with the mobile app as usual.

The new Auto Verify SDK complements the company’s existing Push Verify SDK to provide a platform for verifying and securing user accounts within native mobile applications.

Auto Verify is available as a 34Kb SDK for Android versions 4.1 and higher, and can be embedded into new or existing mobile apps and verification processes, while giving developers control over the branding and user experience.

The SDK is secured using JSON Web Tokens (JWT), while reporting provides insight into user verification and completion activity.

The SDK also includes detailed documentation, sample source code, integration of JAR files into project libraries, and token service implementation guidelines.

Auto Verify is available through a subscription model that only charges for completed transactions and can provide standardized global rates regardless of where the user being verified is located.

"Account verification is critical to ensure that your business can grow and thrive without incurring the revenue loss, brand damage and loss of trust that fraud incurs," Leroy said. "But some registration processes can be too lengthy and insecure. Auto Verify provides a frictionless mechanism to verify users as a seamless part of the existing process, without adding steps for their users."