Ten Additional Ways to Geek Out Your Office

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Ten Additional Ways to Geek Out Your Office

by Nathan Eddy

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HunterGatherer iPhone Case & Laptop Sleeve ($49.95-$59.99)

Incase and Arkitip partnered with New York-based design company HunterGatherer to produce a stylish carrying case for your laptop and iPhone. According to founder Todd St. John, HunterGatherer "often creates things that have -naturalness to them, but in many ways design is anything but. The wood-grain pattern is an expression of that thought: a purposefully fake version of something natural. I also enjoy seeing it as a wrapper for a concentrated brick of technology."

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Milk Apple Desk (Price on Request)

If youre a serious Apple fan, this desk is the only way to go. Designed to match the streamlined design and rounded edges of Mac products, the desks height can be electronically adjusted (from 30-50 inches) and it hides all wires except for the power cable. A high-gloss lacquer finish and sleek storage trays round out the package.

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Flying Alarm Clock ($24.99)

If youre perpetually late or just perpetually tired, the flying alarm clock will get you on your feet—and then some. The top detaches from the base when the alarm strikes and the sound cannot be stopped until you retrieve the propeller and return it to the base station. Not recommended for offices with open windows.

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Wooden iPhone/iPod Docking Station ($78.00)

Get back to nature with this wooden iPhone or iPod docking station. Since everyone seems to be going green these days, you may as well jump on the bandwagon and flaunt your environmentally sensitive credentials. The handmade cedar base fits all iPods except the shuffle.

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-Deborah' Wing Desk (Approx. $3,237)

Reestore has taken an aluminum airplane wing and retrofitted it for the ultimate geek office accessory. The desk is supported by stainless steel legs and topped with toughened glass. While the price might momentarily deprive you of oxygen, isnt it wonderful when the workweek literally flies by?

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F-4 Ejection Seat (Price upon Request)

Motoarts low-riding F-4 chair has a custom fabricated aluminum base that is powder-coated wrinkle black, with double wheel casters. The seat bucket is designed with either racing red upholstery or your favorite color to match your office. The F-4 bucket seat has been left in original condition to reflect this Vietnam era aircraft.

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4GB Goomba USB Thumb Drive ($55.00)

This handcrafted Nintendo throwback stores 4GB of memory inside a Goomba sitting atop one of Mario Bros.' famous question boxes or brick blocks. If you prefer to represent your storage with Mario himself, youll have to wait. The pint-size plumber version is currently sold out.

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Buckwald Lamp No. 4 (Price upon Request)

Give your office a Blade Runner-style touch with this steampunk lamp (we would have referenced Dark City, but were too old) furnished of burnished steel and brushed brass. Each object is manually produced (there are 12 lamps to choose from) from up to 200 individual parts. The production takes place in Berlin and requires a manufacture time of four weeks or more.

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Retro Phone Handset ($29.99)

The Retro Phone Handset is a new production replica of the Western Electric 500-series model, which was the classic phone handset for several decades. It's been slightly modified to work with the headset jack of most cell phones, including the iPhone, or via a "hands-free" adapter kit.

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Metal Geek Clock ($49.99)

Tell time in geek terms with this wall clock featuring symbols from math and physics. The wall clock measures approximately 12-inch diameter and the face measures approximately 8??ó inches with a 1??Ñ-inch-wide brush metal rim. Liouville's number, the Golden Ratio, Archimedes' constant and Avogadro's number all make the cut—just dont ask us what they mean.

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