Teradata Rolls Out Communications Compliance Analytic Platform

Business users can create, modify, and run sophisticated rules in a point-and-click interface and quickly assess the likelihood of non-compliance.

teradata and compliance

Big data analytics and marketing applications specialist Teradata announced the Communications Compliance Analytic Solution, an end-to-end platform for monitoring digital communications across an organization to detect suspect material.

It applies multi-genre advanced analytics techniques, including machine learning, text analytics, pattern recognition, graph analysis and ad hoc analysis to create a predictive model that automatically screens messages and attachments at scale across the enterprise.

Teradata consultants then assess the customer’s readiness of digital messaging archives, identify high value areas of opportunity, estimate a range of expected improvement and provide a network graph to identify non-compliant communications activity.

"Our customers and business prospects find that monitoring to ensure compliant communications is an ever-growing burden on their resources. Naturally, they want to explore the kinds of tools that will help them automate the process," David Gebala, senior business development manager, for Aster Solutions of the Teradata Aster Center of Excellence, told eWEEK. "Our Communications Compliance Analytic Solution goes beyond simply automating the process. We bring intelligence in the form of text analytics and graph analytics to inform and streamline the daunting task of efficiently screening all digital messages and attachments."

Using this platform, business users can create, modify, and run sophisticated rules in a point-and-click interface and quickly assess likelihoods of non-compliance.

"The sheer number of analysts required to manually retrieve, review, and screen messages that are flagged by existing solutions is both expensive and wasteful," Gebala explained. "If almost half of the messages screened require manual review, analysts quickly learn that most of their cases are not worth looking into. You end up with a solution that creates expensive manual work because it’s not able to differentiate the signal from the noise."

The offering comes at a time when emails, attachments and digital messaging between employees and/or external parties can unwittingly violate rules and regulations, and courts are increasingly turning to email and other digital communication logs, holding companies responsible for having programs in place to encourage maximum compliance.

"As text analytics evolve, we at Teradata Aster will apply them to other business areas in addition to communications compliance," Gebala said. "Communications Compliance is a first example, where the rules and regulations are well known. But we can apply the same principles to detecting violations in specific industries with similar regulations such as medical and legal communications. Really, any entity that needs to protect personally identifiable information or enforce corporate policies will want to put an intelligent, automated solution in place."