The Geeks Guide to Boston

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The Geeks Guide to Boston

by Nathan Eddy

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Boston Museum of Science

In 1956, the museum was successful in campaigning for a Science Park MBTA station that now brings visitors to within 200 yards of the museum. The Charles Hayden Planetarium, funded by major gifts from the Charles Hayden Foundation, opened in 1958. The Mugar Omni Theater, opened in 1987, uses state-of-the-art film technology to project larger-than-life images onto a five-story-high domed screen, and also incorporated The Computer Museum, bringing its interactive exhibits and moving computing technology to the center of its own exhibits, programs and operations.

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MIT Media Lab

Housed in a six-story, high-tech building designed by Pritzker Prize-winning Japanese architect Fumihiko Maki, the lab is devoted to research projects at the convergence of multimedia and technology. Stunning open floor plans complement the various high-tech toys and tools being designed by MIT students and professors. The Media Lab generates approximately 20 new patents every year, according to its Website. Photo Credit: Andy Ryan

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Boston Childrens Museum

After a $47 million expansion and renovation project, the Children's Museum in Boston now offers even more exciting exhibits and activities for the burgeoning brainiac in your family, including Peep's World, which offers children and their parents the opportunity to learn more about science in a fun, hands-on environment.

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Brockton Historical Societys Edison Exhibit

Located south of Boston, the historical society's Edison exhibit features an extremely rare display of some of the earliest standardized incandescent bulbs and equipment developed by Thomas Edison. Also included are a growing number of documents relating to Edison's work throughout New England-including his work with A.G. Bell in perfecting the telephone.

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New England Aquarium

Founded in 1969 on the city's waterfront, it is considered one of the first modern public aquariums and is credited with revolutionizing the modern aquarium experience. In addition to the main aquarium building, attractions at the aquarium include the Simons IMAX Theatre. Located in the central open atrium of the main building, the principal feature of the aquarium is the Giant Ocean Tank, a cylindrical 200,000-gallon tank simulating a Caribbean coral reef.Photo Credit: Max Lieberman

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Tech Superpowers

Founded in 1992 by MIT graduate Michael Oh, this Apple specialist, authorized reseller and retailer and service provider also offers the Digital Lounge, located in the heart of Boston's retail district on Newbury Street. You can also check out the Apple Store on Boylston Street, though Oh's business is a nice refresher from the all white, glass and steel d??«cor Apple usually applies to its own establishments.

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Kendall Band (MIT Subway Station)

While it may not look too exciting on the surface, this subway station houses hand-operated musical sculptures, collectively named the "Kendall Band," that hang between the tracks at the station platform level and are operated by levers located on the side walls of the two platforms. The three parts of the interactive work, created by Paul Matisse, grandson of Henri Matisse and stepson of Marcel Duchamp, are called Pythagoras, Kepler and Galileo. The stop also features a prominent timeline detailing the history of MIT-it's a perfect way to round out a visit to the campus. Photo credit: Dan4th

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Boston Dynamics

Located outside the city in Waltham, Mass., Boston Dynamics is an engineering company that specializes in building dynamic robots and software for human simulation. The company began as a spin-off from MIT, where the team first developed robots that ran and maneuvered like animals. Today the company creates a variety of innovative robots, including BigDog (shown here), a quadruped robot for travel on rough-terrain; RISE, a robot that climbs vertical surfaces; and SquishBot, a shape-changing chemical robot that moves through tight spaces.

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Sam Adams Boston Brewery Tour

Take a break from circuitry and computers and come learn about the history of Samuel Adams and the company's brewing process. And, of course, taste some of their award-winning beers. "In our opinion, there is no better Samuel Adams experience than the one you get here at the Boston Brewery," its Website boasts. We might be inclined to agree, in fact. Photo Credit: Kafziel

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