ThinkingPhones Acquires Big Data Specialist Contactive

Klink is an Android call management app that automates the process of Googling phone numbers and names and sifting through social network updates.

big data and contactive

ThinkingPhones, a unified communications (UC) services provider announced its acquisition of Contactive and its Klink platform, which connects online profiles and identities with telephone numbers.

The Klink platform leverages big data to provide in-depth customer profiles in real-time before and during calls.

Its algorithm indexes and consolidates billions of data points and automates the process of Googling phone numbers and names, scanning public directories, and sifting through multiple social network updates, allowing users to see details such as a photo, name, email address, latest tweet, current city, and job associated with each phone number.

Klink also integrates enterprise data and works soft phones and desk phones through computer screen-pops.

"ThinkingPhones is a UC company started in the cloud. A natural evolution of ThinkingPhones is its integration with multiple cloud data sources to bring insights into each call, and this is where Contactive’s expertise resides, Iñaki Berenguer, CEO of Contactive and Klink," told eWEEK. "ThinkingPhones facilities the process of communications, and with Contactive, those communications will be more contextual and productive.” Berenguer said Klink is useful in situations where deals and opportunities are negotiated and closed on the telephone. Typical users are information workers handling a mix of inbound and outbound calls.

"On the Internet, there is a lot of data on people, through Linkedin, Twitter, CRMs. Contactive closes the gap between data and communications, adding context to every communication," Berenguer said. "This big data solution is one of the most disruptive features of future Unified Communication systems."

Sources from which Contactive gathers information includes Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Gmail, Yelp, Google Places, White and Yellow Pages, and the company’s global directory. The source list is growing continually, he said.

"It is a fact that access to customer information can help you make better decisions," he said. "Information is power to know how to up-sell or cross-sell products, or know the talking points you need to bring up in a conversation to make sure you make each interaction productive and effective. A big data platform should be responsible for structuring all the relevant information about the person calling and present it in real time to make the conversation productive, without any effort from the user."