Tintri Debuts New Entry-Level All-Flash System

The announcement also includes Tintri OS 4.1 and a preview of Tintri Analytics with VM and application level predictive analytics capabilities.

tintri and storage

VM-aware storage specialist for virtualization and cloud environments Tintri announced the release of the VMstore T5040, an entry-level all-flash storage array.

The T5040 joins the existing VMstore T5000 All-Flash series and T800 Hybrid-Flash series to further expand customers' choice of storage platforms that share a common operating system and real-time analytics.

The announcement also includes Tintri OS 4.1 and a preview of Tintri Analytics with VM and application level predictive analytics capabilities.

"All-flash storage is the right match for the most demanding virtualized workloads—for example, database farms, heavy analytics and thousands of persistent desktops. But flash alone is not a panacea," Kieran Harty, CTO of Tintri, told eWEEK. "To guarantee the performance of each of those virtualized applications you need to be able to manage them individually, and that requires VM-aware storage."

Harty explained that with all-flash VAS from Tintri, businesses can assign each application its own lane in order to prevent noisy neighbors, set quality of service thresholds, set snapshot and replication policies on VMs, act on real-time analytics and more.

Because Tintri is VM-aware storage (VAS), customers can run multiple hypervisors concurrently on the same platform—including VMware, Microsoft, Citrix XenServer, Red Hat and OpenStack.

"Offering customers that choice and flexibility saves them from over-buying storage for each hypervisor and massively simplifies management via a central Tintri UI," Harty said.

Support for VMware vSphere Virtual Volumes (VVols), enables snapshots, clones, revert, visibility and statistics all at the VM level through VMware vCenter operations, and QoS from Tintri Global Center.

The Tintri VMstore T5000 series, which now includes the T5040 in addition to the previously announced T5060 and T5080, can store up to 5,000 VMs in a 2U form factor and up to 100,000 virtual machines, 1.4PB of data and 4 million IOPS in a single 40U rack.

The series is designed for very large database farms and large persistent virtual desktops, which demand predictable, high throughput and sub-millisecond latency across their entire multi-terabyte capacity.

The T800 Hybrid-Flash series, with 99 percent of storage IO from flash, will continue to serve as the platform of choice for most server virtualization, VDI, private cloud and test and development use cases.

"Conventional LUN and volume-based storage is poorly suited to virtualized workloads, which now represent more than 80 percent of all workloads," Harty said. "Organizations that want real simplicity will first choose VM-aware storage and then select the right platform—all-flash or hybrid-flash—to meet their needs, rather than the other way around."