Toshiba Clarify Call Recording Helps Ensure Quality, Compliance

The call-recording platform is designed for contact centers and in financial, medical, emergency or other verticals that must comply with legal regulations.

toshiba and calling

The telecommunication systems division of Toshiba America Information Systems has unveiled Clarify Call Recording for use with Toshiba's unified communications platforms IPedge and Strata CIX with IPedge App Server.

Clarify is a call recording solution that helps ensure call quality and compliance in a variety of businesses, including contact centers or sales desks concerned with customer relations, according to the company.

The platform also could have applications in financial, medical, emergency or other service companies that must comply with legal regulations, the company noted.

Clarify offers a variety of features that let users securely record, archive, search, play and share telephone calls, including support for agents and agent groups in a contact center environment through tight integration with Toshiba IPedge systems and Strata CIX systems that have an IPedge Application Server.

"Today's workers are more mobile than ever, with an increasing number working remotely from home offices and/or on the road," David Ansehl, director of sales for Toshiba's telecommunication systems division, told eWEEK. "Smartphones and tablets have become a common and convenient means of staying in touch with colleagues and customers, especially while out of the office. With mobile device use on the rise, it's essential that call recording be easily accessible from these mobile devices."

A business can continue to monitor the level of customer service and also make sure all calls, including those made and received on a smartphone, for example, are meeting regulatory guidelines, he said.

In addition to trunk and station-side recording, remote users and agents can start, stop and forward recordings through the company's UCedge client software 2.6, which runs on iOS and Android mobile devices as well as Windows PCs and Mac computers.

Encrypted recordings along with enhanced security measures help ensure compliance with industry regulatory requirements, including the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) and Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI DSS).

A software development kit (SDK) allows system integrators to tie in external databases or popular customer relationship management (CRM) programs and develop customized applications, according to the company.

The platform's web-based Graphical User Interface (GUI) provides a tool for system configuration and automatic imports of agent and extension information. For example, users can configure Clarify to record (or not record) particular calls based on agent, extension, caller ID or other criteria from a drop-down menu.

In addition, the dashboard displays a list of ongoing calls being recorded, allowing users to select a call to start monitoring.

"User-friendliness is vital to the platform," Ansehl said. "Clarify's easy-to-use, web-based interface helps ensure that users actually utilize the call recording solution—and utilize it correctly. This is essential since most people using Clarify do not have a technical background, yet still need relatively technical tools to do their job."