Triumfant Releases AtomicEye Endpoint Security Agent

AtomicEye continuously scans more than 700,000 assets per protected machine to provide instant detection and rapid response.

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Triumfant released AtomicEye, the latest version of its endpoint security agent for Windows-based and Mac OS X environments.

The platform is designed to ensure that once inside a company’s or government agency’s systems, no attacker can leave with proprietary information In this way, damage to enterprise systems is minimized and critical assets are secured.

AtomicEye continuously scans more than 700,000 assets per protected machine to provide instant detection and rapid response.

"All the other product techniques on the market had a fatal flaw," John Prisco, CEO of Triumfant, told eWEEK. "They miss attacks or can’t remediate the ones they find. You have to collect hundreds of thousands of data points to have the detail necessary to catch the vast majority of exploits. AtomicEye has the most data to analyze the environment under attack."

The Triumfant platform secures information on end-point computers and systems through a sub-atomic view that allows it to see an almost infinite set of machine behaviors and trend anomalies that indicate the presence of advanced malware.

Ease of use in endpoint security platforms is always desirable, Prisco explained. A system in which a computer is diagnosing problems on another computer takes the human out of the equation, an equation that doesn’t favor a human trying to absorb hundreds of thousands of data points and make sense of them.

Continuous monitoring enables detection with certainty, in real-time, and at the point of infiltration, whether persistent or volatile malware.

Once an endpoint is breached, the machine is locked down, and no signatures or any other form of prior knowledge is needed.

"Chief information security officers are usually under-funded because the C Suite doesn’t take cyber-security seriously until bitten," Prisco said. "CISOs are afraid of being fired due to failing to protect their enterprise or selecting the wrong product. Tragically, CISOs often pick the best marketed products as opposed to the best product."

With the AtomicEye platform, as soon as a change occurs, a remediation plan is set in motion, making it impossible for damage to be done or assets to be compromised.

Within minutes of an attack, AtomicEye automatically repairs any damage caused and restores the compromised machines back to their original, clean state.

"Malware will continue to become stealthier," Prisco warned. "It will instantiate itself in volatile memory, embedding itself in familiar and trusted processes. A product that collects performance data at an atomic level will be needed to catch this evolving attack vector."