U4EA Partners with Vidtel on Video Communications

Small businesses looking to simplify their unified communications strategy might look to U4EA Technologies and their new partnership with Vidtel.

Unified communications integrator U4EA Technologies announced a partnership with Vidtel, a video communication service that makes video calling and instant video conferencing accessible for distributed offices, telecommuting, customer service and other small to medium-size businesses.

By combining U4EA's Fusion series Multi-service Business Gateways (MSBG) with Vidtel's new video calling and conferencing services, the two companies hope to ensure video call quality and the fully utilization of WAN bandwidth. The Fusion Series MSBGs combine multiple functions - including that of a router, switch, firewall/NAT, IPSec/VPN, IDS, session controller, bandwidth manager, VOIP Gateway, QoS and management - into one device for the delivery of unified voice, data and video communications.
Vidtel helps fill the void between high-end room conferencing systems and lower-quality video chat with a service that provides always on, user-friendly instant video calling and conferencing capabilities on desktop machines. U4EA's QoS (GoS), supports multiple real-time applications, and U4EA says it is the only QoS technology specifically designed to support unified communications, including video applications.
"We are excited to establish this relationship with Vidtel, a company that has an innovative approach to video for the SMB marketplace," said U4EA's chief strategy officer Jeff Dixon. "Vidtel understands the value of U4EA's QoS (GoS) in solving the LAN to WAN potential bottleneck. By deploying our Fusion MSBGs, combined with Vidtel's services, Vidtel will offer the best quality of experience possible."
U4EA says the MSBG series adds value to Vidtel services by guaranteeing quality in BYOB (Bring Your Own Broadband) scenarios, including QoS in the downstream direction, ease of use, with Wizards for simplifying tasks such as initial setup, QoS configuration and VPN assignment and by ensuring that new calls are set up only when there is sufficient bandwidth available, thereby protecting ongoing calls through U4EA's Video Call Admission Control (CAC).
Scott Wharton, founder and CEO of Vidtel, said he knows that quality and maximum, efficient use of the WAN link bandwidth are very important to ensuring SMBs can deploy multiple video devices at their company locations. U4EA has demonstrated that its QoS uniquely addresses video call quality and WAN link issues," he said. "We look forward to working closely with U4EA to deliver a high quality video service to the SMB market."