UltraBac Software Expands Line of Server Products

UltraBac's SBS Bundles deliver disaster recovery protection and added features for Microsoft Small Business Server users.

UltraBac Software, based in Bellevue, Wash., announced an expansion of its line of server products aimed at cost-conscious businesses. The UltraBac Standard SBS Bundle and UltraBac Premium SBS Bundle are aimed at small to medium-size businesses (SMBs) and provide standard file-by-file backup along with the ability to perform image bare metal disaster recovery to dissimilar hardware and virtual machines.

Pricing is $695 for the standard edition and $895 for the premium edition, with a full year of technical support, and update protection is also included with each product. UltraBac says by bundling file-by-file backup with bare metal disaster recovery, users can recover a complete system in a matter of minutes. Both products also include the ability to restore the image of a failed SBS server to a variety of drives, controllers and virtual machines such as VMware or Microsoft Hyper-V.

The UltraBac Standard SBS Bundle includes protection for Exchange, SharePoint and exclusive locked files. The solution protects the server as well as up to 100 Windows clients. The premium SBS Bundle expands on this offering by providing the SQL component many small businesses require in current network environments. Both products have been specifically tailored to Microsoft Small Business Server users.

Company CEO Morgan Edwards says it is not financially feasible for every small business to have a full IT staff, let alone even one full-time network administrator. Edwards says the tech industry should not expect midmarket companies to have the manpower to invest hours in learning best practices of data protection - it is UltraBac's job to provide it.

"Our software is designed to easily install and recover reliably right out of the box," Edwards said. "Unlike some of our competitors who require the purchase of support and maintenance with their small business products, UltraBac Software does not have this requirement."

Edwards said the company doesn't believe in the illusion of low pricing and then tacking on extra fees on the back end, and he said small businesses don't need those types of headaches. "UltraBac Software believes in being as straightforward and upfront as our products are," he said. "We recognize the strength of the small business community and continually strive to provide them with the features their unique environments require."