V2 Technology Announces Video-Enhanced Communications Server

Telecommunications startup V2 Communications announces a video-enhanced communications server that consolidates multiple communication systems and networks such as PBX (PSTN and IP), switch/router, video conference and video surveillance into a single integrated system.

Unified communications solution provider V2 Technology announced the release of its first video-enhanced "All-Communication-in-One" server for small and medium-size business users. It is a Universal Connection platform based on the company's Video-QoS-efficient architecture.

V2 UC Server consolidates multiple communication systems and networks such as PBX (PSTN and IP), switch/router, video conferencing and video surveillance into a single integrated system to support Universal Connection at both communication and application levels.
Any user can click to connect to any other users anywhere in the company, or remote/foreign offices, for not only PSTN or VOIP voice calls, but also video calls and video conference-telepresence. V2 UC Server supports up to 100 concurrent voice users and up to 10 concurrent telepresence sessions and also integrates data networking with 3.2G-bps switching capacity. It supports xDSL, WAN, Ethernet, VPN and WiFi.
UC Server also integrates surveillance systems into telecom infrastructure. Authorized users can receive alert notifications from the server upon an intrusion event. They can also dial in to monitor surveillance cameras from PCs or mobile phones with video anytime. The company noted UC Server supports up to 20 cameras simultaneously. "We developed our own hardware, OS, firmware and all software to make this vision a reality," said company chairman and CTO and the inventor of the V2 platform architecture, Tom Lin.
V2 President Ting Liu said since IT technology advanced so dramatically, there is a real need for SMB to keep up with its bigger enterprise counterparts in communication capability. "Such as upgrading existing communication systems to embrace telepresence and collaboration to increase a company's productivity while cutting big travel expenses as bigger companies enjoy now," he said. "However, complexity, poor performance and high costs prohibit SMB to take advantage of this convergence. Now, V2's Universal Connection Server SBS-8100, based on its patent pending and simplified 'UC SolutionNet' platform, will bring a total solution to benefit SMBs."