Ventana Launches Integrated Content Marketing Platform

The platform facilitates the strategic delivery of corporate communications through multiple new media channels.

Integrated content marketing specialist Ventana New Media launched New Media Engine, a platform for SEO-powered content distribution across new media sites. The New Media Engine (NME) delivers content-driven search engine optimized (SEO) communications using tools for building corporate and product brand identity and increasing lead generation for long-term business success.

The NME platform facilitates the strategic delivery of corporate communications through multiple new media channels that include microsites, social news communities, social bookmarking and viral communications sites, social journalism sites, online audio/video and image sharing communities, and targeted blogs. Corporate content is virally distributed for greater visibility on the Web and higher Search Engine Result Positions (SERPs).

"Search engine optimization is, for many organizations, the most effective form of marketing available," said Sabrina Sanchez, CEO of Ventana New Media. "Current solutions in the industry address only a fraction of the problem and can add unnecessary cost and complexity, with no clear measurement of success. For that reason we created the Ventana NME platform, a streamlined new media engagement process that enables companies to immediately begin leveraging the multiple channels of social interaction and information exchange across the Web. This ultimately delivers a distinct competitive advantage while generating significantly greater results for their online marketing program investments."

Metalogix, a NME client, is a provider of content lifecycle management solutions for Microsoft SharePoint 2010, Microsoft Exchange and legacy enterprise content environments to enable organizations to scale and manage, migrate, store, archive and protect enterprise content whether on-premises or in the cloud. "The Ventana New Media Engine has become a strategic component of our Global SEO marketing and social media strategy," said Steven Murphy, CEO of Metalogix. "We have achieved solid results with this program across five continents accessing significantly more issue-focused media outlets than traditional SEO engines. This has allowed Metalogix to reduce our Google Adword spend by 80 percent and move our rankings to the top spot on search engine pages in our key market segments."

Forecasts by analysts show interactive marketing in the United States will near $55 billion and represent 21 percent of all marketing spend by 2014. Social media spending alone will increase to more than $3 billion by 2014 with a compound annual growth rate of 34 percent.

For Queplix, a provider of data integration and data management, Ventana New Media rapidly escalated Internet visibility through content-driven SEO. In the span of three months, the company ranked above its competitors in targeted keyword search and Web presence. "The Ventana New Media Engine played an important role in unseating our competitors in strategic areas of Web marketing," said Michael Zuckerman, chief marketing officer of Queplix. "This provided a substantial return on our marketing investment in a short period of time."