Verint Updates Customer Engagement Optimization Suite

In addition to the next-generation user experience, advances in analytics run throughout, including an updated speech analytics capability.

verint and analytics

Verint Systems announced enhancements to its enterprise Workforce Optimization (WFO) system, including a redesigned, customizable user interface.

The enhanced WFO application enables users to view customer interactions across channels from a single screen, rather than using multiple, discrete applications. Other enhancements include new speech analytics capabilities, which provide a more accurate way to analyze phone calls, plus richer context of spoken phrases and root causes.

New capabilities like embedded voice biometrics technology help improve the customer experience and reduce fraud-related losses and call handle time, according to Verint.

"Once a unique customer voice print is created and stored in the database, the customer can be authenticated within the first few seconds of a call, reducing the amount of knowledge-based authentication questions customers sometimes must answer at the beginning of a call," Rajeev Venkat, a senior director at Verint told eWEEK . "Responding to these questions can be an onerous and frustrating experience because customers often do not remember the answers to the arcane questions and their call is stalled. With passive voice biometrics, customers have an express authentication lane that can significantly enhance their customer experience."

Venkat said other system enhancements include better analytics for more targeted customer interactions and employee performance monitoring. For example, desktop analytics enhancements drive improved scripting which, in combination with real-time speech analytics and notifications, provides employees with validated next-best action recommendations during customer engagements.

Also, employees can complete self-evaluations and managers can view employee performance, learning and coaching history while monitoring interactions. Managers can also set employee productivity milestones based on scores of select key performance indicators (KPIs).

"The customer engagement center is a massive source of big data. Millions of calls, e-mails and other forms of customer interactions are recorded on a daily basis," Venkat said. "These interactions contain valuable information, specific to each organization, their customers interacting with their employees about their products and services. The problem has been that organizations do not have an efficient and accurate way of mining all the interactions to glean insights on customer sentiment, behaviors and experiences."

Venkat said Verint enhanced the platform based on feedback from the company’s customer advisory councils.