Verint Updates KANA Software Enterprise Solution

The latest release of Enterprise offers chat and co-browse (secure screen sharing) capabilities to help businesses with customer online experiences.

kana and it management

KANA Software, a subsidiary of Verint, announced a new release of its KANA Enterprise solution, featuring enhancements designed to drive customer engagement center effectiveness, employee collaboration and productivity and responsiveness.

The new release, which became generally available last month, is the first Enterprise product introduction to follow the acquisition of the company by Verint earlier this year.

The latest release of Enterprise offers new chat and co-browse (secure screen sharing) capabilities that help organizations support customer online experiences.

"Customer expectations have risen dramatically, demanding an end to silo-based organizations and inconsistent or difficult to access service. KANA Enterprise delivers a unified and omnichannel customer service platform to fully meet the demands of the modern customer," Kelly Koelliker, director of product marketing for KANA, told eWEEK. "The omnichannel approach joins up cross-, agile- and intentional channeling so businesses can ensure a customer's brand experience is positive, consistent and cost-effective across all touch points."

Koelliker said Enterprise is generally best suited for large contact centers—those with more than 200 agents--with complex needs. Pricing is based on the number of concurrent agents, and which modules are purchased, though KANA offers the Express cloud-based customer service suite for midsize and growing businesses.

The platform features an interaction and work management engine, while smart engagement helps ensure service requests are routed to the best employee for the task, not just the next available employee.

In addition, intelligent rules route requests from Web self-service, mobile, live chat, co-browse, email, whitemail, social and secure messaging channels.

The platform now offers organizations additional capabilities, such as better and faster ways of managing, monitoring and optimizing interactions and contact center resources, case management to reduce employee effort by displaying information concisely and employee collaboration through peer-to-peer learning.

"In the hands of the contact center agent, the ability to add channels when needed can greatly enhance the explanation, illustration and expedition of customer service processes–to provide relevant context to make the process faster, easier and more rewarding for the customer," Koelliker said. "For example, a customer dealing with a flight cancellation on the phone with a customer service agent can have a list of available flights emailed or presented in a browser or app for a quick overview of all available options."

She explained with the Chat and Co-Browse (Secure Screen Sharing), features Enterprise helps organizations support customer online experiences, minimizing the risk of Web page abandonment and maximizing the likeliness of completing a sale or upsell opportunities by presenting the information onscreen that agents and customers require.

In addition, Web self-service and secure messaging capabilities help organizations address digital customer engagement challenges on “digital first” channel shift initiatives, and allow customers to serve themselves 24/7 through a computer or smart device.

To help address demand for employee collaboration and the addition of social features into the workplace, KANA introduced Activity Streams to help foster peer-to-peer learning and response accuracy to customer inquiries and issues.

Activity Streams help organizations bring staff together virtually to address and resolve customer issues, and also tap into resources that are not directly engaged in specific customer interactions.